Sunday, November 18, 2012

Reader Deal Finds - Week of 11/18/12

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November 18 - 23, 2012

Have you found a great deal that you want to pass on to other Coupon STL readers?   Leave a comment on this post. 

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Happy Shopping!


  1. CVS has Belvita crackers for $2.49 each. There is a cpn from printed a while back for B1G1. Makes them $1.25 each. Better yet the free 1 rang up automaticly for $2.69. On top of that you get a $1ECB back. It's like paying .75 each. These are normally over $3.

  2. SNS has Eat Smart veggies (bags of raw cut veggies in the salad section) on sale for $1.50 this week. The S Lindbergh SNS has them all marked down to .78 because they expire tomorrow. They usually stay fresh a few days beyond the sell by date.

  3. If anyone shops Dollar Tree, I found olay bars use PG 10/28 (there were two separate $1/1 Q's. I found Brut deodorant use $1/1 from 11/18 SS and I found efferdent tabs 16 ct use $1/1 I cant remember which insert. FYI the efferdent cleans a retainer nicely too!

  4. My favorite /cheap deal was the king Arthur flour. Wednesday night I was looking on internet for coupons to use next day at Schnuck 's when I found a $1 off King Arthur flour coupon on Recycle Bank. I was so surprised because I bake a lot (bake bread almost every day), I use mostly this brand and it's not so cheap and I think this is the first time I've ever seen one. To my surprise, Schnuck 's had it in sale for $2.99, paying $0.99 per a 5 lb bag.

    1. Wow! That was a great deal on King Arthur.