Monday, February 14, 2011

Walgreens Infant Care Coupon Book

If you have a little one, you won't want to miss picking up several of the Walgreens Infant Care Coupon Books.  All  the coupons in the book are Walgreens store coupons, so you can use them and a manufacturer coupon on the same product.

I stopped at several stores and they each had this coupon book on display in different parts of the store.  Look everywhere for them - beauty counter, on the ad stand, at the pharmacy..... 

All coupons expire 12/31/11
  • $2 off W Brand Diapers, jumbo packs
  • $2 off Huggies Diapers, big pack, or Wipes, 184 or 216 ct.
  • $2 off Playtex Infant Products
  • $2 off Triple Paste Medicate Ointment for Diaper Rash, 2 oz. +
  • $2 off Similac Advanced or Sensitive, 23.2 oz.
  • $1 off Pampers Cruisers, Swaddlers, or Swaddlers Sensitive Diapers, big or jumbo packs
  • $2 off Advil, Children's or Infants' Suspension, .5 or 4 oz.
  • $2 off any Enfamil Infant Formula Powder, 22.2 oz. +


  1. If you are doing the "buy one get one free" deal on Walgreens diapers this week be sure to use the $2 Walgreens diaper coupon. The coupon will take off $4 ($2 for each diaper). At my store the diapers are $8.99. Buy two $8.99 x 2 = $17.98 - $8.99 (free diapers) - $4 (this coupon) = $5.99 for 2 packs of diapers.

  2. I just received some high dollar Qs from Pampers, so really hoping to find one of these books!

  3. Hi KC - Thanks, I was going to post about the Diapers in my Walgreens Field Notes.

    Hi Staci - I think you should be able too. What I'm hoping, since they are Walgreens coupons that customers won't have to give them to the cashier, but have the cashier scan them. That way shoppers can use the coupon over and over. We will see what happens.

  4. Jeri,

    I used the Walgreens diaper $2 coupon at 4 stores yesterday and never had to give it to the cashier. The number is 2844 in case people just want to tell the cashier that. I often just read coupon numbers to the cashier, since it seems the scanners don't work correctly and they end up typing in the number anyway.

  5. Thanks, KC! I was hoping it would work that way.

    Although, I've ran into cashiers that have to tear the in-ad coupons out of the weekly flyer. Not that it is a store policy at their store, just cashier who have no idea about coupons.

  6. Jeri,

    I have had cashiers insist on the in-ad coupons also. (Usually new employees) These Infant Care coupon booklets seem to be readily available. However, I had only one copy of a similar coupon a year or two ago. (I had paid for it in a booklet I bought.) If the cashier wanted it to keep, I told him/her to void that part of the transaction. The coupon was too valuable to me to part with it, I knew other stores would not keep it, and I did not want to pay for more booklets. The cashier would then decide he/she did not really need it.

  7. Hi KC - The only time I've had a cashier insist on keeping a Wags coupons is when I was trying a deal just to see if it worked. I would have done the same thing, if I knew I would want to use that coupon again.

  8. Hi. I am having trouble locating this infant coupon booklet. Can someone let me know what store they have seen this at and where? I have checked 5 stores in the Kirkwood area and no one has any idea what I am talking about. Thanks!!

  9. Hi Stacy - Post your request on Coupon Traders (link in the sidebar) I bet someone can help you out, or maybe even send you one in the mail.

  10. For those of you who have been unable to locate the Infant Care booklets in your stores, here’s a list of all of the codes: (my store always takes the code without the coupon!)

    * $2/1 Enfamil Infant Powder (22.2 oz. or larger) – 5516
    * $2/1 Similiac Advance or Sensitive (23.2 oz.) – 5517
    * $2/2 Playtex infant products – 5518
    * $2/1 Huggies Diapers Big Pack or Wipes (184 or 216 ct.) – 5519
    * $2/1 Children’s or Infants Advil Suspension (.5 oz or 4 oz.) – 5520
    * $2 off 1 Pampers cruisers, Swaddlers, or Swaddlers sensitive Diapers big packs or jumbo packs – 5521
    * $2/1 Triple Paste Medicated Ointment for Diaper Rash (2 oz. or larger) – 5522
    * $2/1 W brand Diapers Jumbo pack – 2844

    This coupon booklet is valid through 12/31/11, so you should be able to get lots of deals between now and then!

  11. Thanks Isel for taking the time to enter the codes.

    Shopper will have to know their cashiers/stores. Some will enter these codes, but others have no idea what you're talking about and will not enter the codes.

    But, if you haven't been able to find the Infant Care coupon book, it's worth a try.

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