Monday, July 11, 2011

Samuel Adams Beer Rebate - $5 on Beef

With the price of beef in today's world, this rebate is worth  - about a pound of hamburger, but I'm happy Sam Adams is willing to pay for mine.

Save up to $5.00 by mail on any BEEF purchase .
  • No beer purchase required in AL, HI, KS, KY, ME, MS, MO, NY, UT, WV
  • Valid 5/16/11 - 9/15/11
  • Submit: Refund Certificate, UPC Symbols form packages and dated cash register receipt with purchase price circled.
This rebate is also valid in Illinois, but a beer purchase is required - (1) Samuel Adams 12 pack or (2) Samuel Adams 6 packs

For those not familiar with beer rebates, you periodically will find a rebate offer with a beer display. In Missouri, no beer purchase is ever required. The qualifying products are things you probably buy anyway. I've seen them for meat, cheese, salty snack, produce, soda and many other everyday items.

I save every receipt. When I find a beer rebate, I take a look to see if I've already purchased the qualifying products - many times I have.  All I have to do is submit the information, mail it in, and wait for my money.


  1. how about UPC code? it hard to save all your meat or seafood purchase's UPC code.

  2. I finally found some of these this morning!

    Not this one, but some others. (I want to email them to you Jeri, is that ok?) But I do have some questions. I have one that says Get $25 back when you spend $100 in groceries, plus 4 6packs of beer. Do I have to spend the equivalent in beer plus $100, or is $100 of groceries enough? Is that before coupons or oop? It says maximum one per household, address, etc. Is that per envelope per rebate, or can I file two different forms at two different times? (yes, I pulled two.) Help! Now that I've finally found one, I want to do it right...

    And not only do you not NEED to buy beer, it's also very clear that the $100 cannot include beer or other alcohol in MO.

  3. I've been buying almost all of my meat and seafood lately using beer rebates. Great way to save!

  4. Shannon,
    I think I can answer your questions. You just have to buy $100 worth of groceries, don't worry about the beer or beer equivalent. On a rebate like this, I would make sure your OOP is over $100. Sometimes on something like this, if I am going to buy $100 worth of groceries and use $30 worth of coupons, I will put a $30 GC in my order so my OOP is still over $100. This has worked well for me.

    Also, I would never put more than 1 rebate in an envelope unless it specifically says it is okay.

  5. Where did you find this rebate?

  6. Stacey (Bourbon)July 11, 2011 at 2:42 PM

    Which stores are currently hosting these rebate forms? OR are they on the internet somewhere???

  7. stiffneck & Stacey,
    The customer service desk at Dierbergs on Salt Lick (St. Peters) still had them last week. The CS desk has them to help prevent someone from taking all of the forms.

  8. Stacey (Bourbon)July 11, 2011 at 5:30 PM

    Thank you anonymous...I appreciate your time!

  9. I thought "one per address" meant you could only get the rebate one time - period. Please clear this up for me. I have a few $5 Heinekin rebates and thought I wasn't going to get to use them.

  10. Hi All - Usually with meat or seafood items the UPCs are not needed, but it's always best to call the number listed on the rebate to confirm.

    Keep your submissions to one rebate offer per envelope. And make sure you copy or scan everything before you put them in the mail.

    Stacey - You need to find the rebate forms at one of your grocery stores. Look for them with beer displays.

    KT - Yes, beer rebate offers are one time deals, but there is one clearinghouse that handles rebates for many different companies. But, the adress is usually a little different because they usually refrence the offer number.

  11. Shannon - If you've found beer rebate offers I haven't posted I would love to have more info or even a scan or picture of the front of the from. You can email me at couponstl(at) gamil (dot) com.

  12. Weeelll, I visited the St. Peters Dierberg's and Schnucks this morning, and got a "never heard of it" from both managers. What the ?????

  13. Hi Jackie - The Beer distributors or reps are the ones that leave the beer rebate forms. The manager in charge of the liquor/beer department would have the most info on these types of rebates.