Saturday, September 15, 2012

Walgreens Balance Reward Details Explained

Walgreens Balance Rewards

Walgreens Balance Rewards start on Sunday, September 16, 2012.  Here is what is know about the program at this time.

  • Sign up online or in stores
  • Membership is free and no initial purchase is required
  • Member must present his/her card to the cashier before the purchase transaction is complete to earn or redeem points
  • Points on thousands of items each week in store or online
  • 500 points for every prescription and immunization 
  • 10 points for every mile when you Walk with Walgreens
  • Points will not be earned in a transaction where Redemption Dollars or Store Credit is used
  • Point promotions will not apply to rain check items purchased after the promotional period has ended
  • Points will be awarded to Member's account 3-5 days after purchase

  • When purchasing items, members my choose to either redeem earned points or continue saving points to use on a future purchase
  • Redemption Dollars may not be used to purchase: dairy, liquor, tobacco, stamps, phone/pre-paid/gift card, money-order/transfers, transportation passes, charitable donations, prescriptions, pseudoephedrine or ephedrine products, immunizations, health tests or other health care items or services, Prescription Savings Cub membership fee, or Take Care Clinic Services.
  • Inactive members: If points are not earned or redeemed for 6 consecutive calendar months, accumulated points will be forfeited.
  • Active members: All Balance Reward Points expire on a rolling 36 month basis

See Balance Reward Term & Conditions for all the fine print.


  1. I wish they'd say for sure what the limit is for each offer. I have 3 coupons for the ID gum but dont want to buy it 3 times, wait 3-5 days and then find out that it didnt work all 3 times.

    1. I agree CJ! Although, in states with good consumer protection laws, they wouldn't be able to limit deals if it wasn't stated in the ad.

      But, that disclaimer on the last page of their ad, might cover anything they want to do. Now, if only it was big enough to read without an electron microscope.

  2. I just read on another blog that coupons WILL reduce the amount of points we get. So for the ID gum, using the B1G1 coupon that will deduct $1 should knock out the 1000 points, so it wouldnt be free. But the ad shows to use the coupon and also shows getting the 1000 points. I guess I'll just try it tomorrow, wait the 3-5 days and see what happens. Sure wish all the rules were spelled out for us in advance.

    1. I'm thinking that coupon will affect a buy $20 get xxx Balance Rewards, but nor buy a specific number of products. But, no one will know until mid week when points show up on members accounts.

  3. This morning I bought 4 of the ID gums, used 2 B1G1 coupons and got the 2000 points plus 1000 bonus points (not sure why I got that). So it looks like you can do an offer multiple times in the same transaction.
    I already had a Balance account online and used my phone number at the register but they still gave me another card and scanned that, so I may have 2 accounts now, kind of confusing. Also they had to void my first transaction and do it over and I forgot to scan my card the 2nd time so I'm really not sure if I'll get the points or not. Will take a while to figure all of this out.

    1. Hi CJ - I'm so glad to hear from an early bird Walgreens shopper. Do Bonus Points earned show up on the receipt?

    2. Hi....I also pre-enrolled for the balance reward (BR) program....I did not bother to get a card today because I just punched in my phone # each transaction. I also did the ID gum deal 2 times....and received the 1000 BR points each time. I too received a bonus 1000 points today...but not for buying the ID gum twice (that was later I did the ID gum deal again).....the bonus 1000 BR points just showed up on my first WAG transaction receipt from my first BR card transaction. Maybe we all get $1000 for just using the program for the 1st time????

      I already have 5000 BR points and ended with $4 more in RRs than what I started with due to the glade oil warmer deal x2 :)

      I'm happy so far with the new program....everyone needs to join if they want some of the sale prices that you will only get by scanning your card 1st....

    3. I entered my phone number and I think it linked up my online sign up with the card they gave me in store, so hopefully all will go on one account.
      I've seen on other blogs that customers are getting the full amount of points even if they use coupons, and even on the deals where you have to buy a certain dollar amount, so it looks like coupons arent affecting points at all.
      I'm happy that the new program is working better than I expected. I just need to remember to hand over my coupons and card!

    4. I've heard nothing but good things about this new Balance Rewards program today. I hope that keeps up.

    5. I registered online also, but when I went into the store, they said they're not mailing cards out if you registered online. They link up a card in store to the pre-registered accounts. If you forget your card, you can just give them your telephone number.

  4. Jeri - Yes, the receipt shows how many points you got under each item and your Points Summary at the bottom.

    1. Woo Hoo! That will make dealing with the new program easier.

  5. to all AARP ..
    has a list of things we can earn pts. on. Too, this month if u spend $25(after just go for the pts. save coupons for other trans) u get 5000 pts.
    My AARP card was the only thing that made turning 50 bearable.

    1. Thanks for the AARP info.

      I have been stocked by AARP and have resisted. I feel like my family is a long - very long way to retirement.

  6. I did my shopping at Wags yesterday and ended up pleasantly surprised. Every transaction went just as planned. I opened 5 accounts, my cashier who I know well told me to open individual accounts not to link them together. There will be limits on some items, not sure when or what kinds, but if the cards are linked together you will only be to do the transaction that # of times all together instead of per card if not linked. I asppreciated that tip. I spent about $18 dollars on just under $100.00 worth of items, after rolling RR and ended up with $12 in BR, plus an $2RR for next time.
    My store also had a BUNCH of toys on clearance 75-90% off on Saturday. I stocked up on somethings for B-days and Christmas coming up. Got some nice things, Scrabble $2.54, Monopoly $4,54, Discovery Kids puzzles .74, stuffed animals .24 and several other items all under $2.00. I left with a bundle of things and only spent $22.65. Almost all of my nieces and nephews are done!!!