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Sunday Coupon Preview - 5/04/14

Three coupon insert scheduled for this coming Sundays' newspaper  -  (2)Smart Source, and Red Plum.

Remember, coupon insert do vary by region of the country and by publication.

Smart Source Coupon #1 Insert - 5/04/14
Aveeno $2/1 hair care or body wash product
Breyers $1/2 ice cream toppings 
Carvel $3/1 ice cream cake 75oz+ 
Clear Care $3/1 12oz+ solution 
Don Francisco's $1.50/1 10 or 12oz family reserve bag or 1 12ct family reserve single serve box 
Don Francisco's $1/1 coffee can 
Firefly $1/1 product
General Mills $1/3 big g cereals
GenTeal $1.50/1 lubricant eye drops 
Hormel $1/2 rev wraps
ICaps $3/1 eye vitamin formula 
Ken's $1/1 16oz+ dressing
Keri $2/1 product 
Motrin $1/1 ib product
Motrin $2/1 pm product 
Mott's $1/1 64oz bottle or 6pk 8oz bottles fruit punch rush, wild grape surge or strawberry boom 
Naphcon-A $3/1 eye drops 
Nature Made $1/1 calcium product 
Nature Made $2/2 products 
Neutrogena $1.50/1 body product 
Neutrogena $1/1 cosmetics product 
Neutrogena $1/1 facial care product 
Neutrogena $1/1 suncare product 
Neutrogena $1/1 sunless product 
Neutrogena $3/2 face and cosmetics product 
Neutrogena $4/2 body products 
Opti-Free $3/1 10oz+ 
Oreo/Chips Ahoy!/Golden Oreo $2/1 ice cream cake 32oz+
Philips Sonicare $10/1 rechargeable toothbrush  
Philips Sonicare $4/1 brush head multi-pack or for kids rechargeable toothbrush 
Purina Friskies Free 6oz party mix cat treat with purchase of 2 24ct wet cat food variety pack or 16lb dry cat food - TARGET COUPON 
Reach $1/1 toothbrush except crystal clean
Reach $2/1 2ct or multipack toothbrushes except crystal clean
RoC $3/1 anti-aging product
Skinnygirl $1/1 liquid water enhancer or sweetener 
Starbucks $2/1 via instant beverage 5ct+ )
Systane $3/1 ultra or balance lubricant eye drop twin pack 
Woolite $1/1 50oz+ product 
Zaditor $3/1 allergy drops 5ml
Zaditor $5/1 allergy drops 2x5ml twin pack
Zantac $4/1 24ct+ product 
Zyrtec $5/1 24ct+ product 

Smart Source Coupon #2 Insert - 5/04/14
Arm & Hammer $.75/1 toothpaste or whitening booster 2.5oz+1
Arm & Hammer $2/1 spinbrush adult battery-powered toothbrush or refill heads (11
Atkins $1/1 bar, treat or shake 1)
Atkins $1/1 frozen entree1
Bausch+Lomb $3/1 ocuvite product 
Bayer $1.50/1 aspirin chewable product
Bayer $1.50/1 aspirin product 20ct+ 
Bayer $4/1 aspirin product 100ct+ 
Bear Creek $.55/1 pasta mix 
BIC $3/1 soliel disposable razor 
CeraVe $3/1 sunscreen, moisturizing lotion or cream, renewing sa lotion or cream or theraputic hand cream 
Claritin $5/1 30ct+ 
Dr. Scholl's $1/1 dreamwalk, ball of foot, hidden arch or heel liners 
Dr. Scholl's $1/1 product 
Dr. Scholl's $3/1 dreamwalk insoles
Dr. Scholl's $3/1 massaging gel insoles, pain relief orthotics or odor-x ultra cool insole $7.95+
Dreamfileds $.55/1 pasta 
Ensure $2/1 4pk 
Ensure $3/2 multipacks 
Farmer John $2/1 dinner sausage
Garnier Fructis $2/1 haircare or style product 
Glade $.55/1 jar candle or wax melts
Glade $.55/1 premium room spray 9.7oz 
Glade $1/1 automatic spray refill 
Glade $1/1 plugins scented oil twin or 2 single refills 
Glucerna $3/2 shakes multipacks 
Glucerna Free bars package when you buy 2 shakes multipacks 
Great Grains $1/1 cereal 12.5oz+ 
Hershey's Bliss $1/2 8oz+ chocolates bags
L'il Critters $1/1 gummy vitamins bottle 
Mariani $.50/1 dried fruit snack 3oz+ 
Nexcare $.55/1 bandages 
Nexcare $.55/1 first aid tape 
Nutella $1/1 13oz+ hazelnut spread jar 
OxiClean $1/1 laundry detergent, dishwasher detergent or versatile stain remover
OXY $1/1 daily defense 
OXY $2/1 maximum action 
Phazyme $2/1 180 or 250mg anti-gas softgels 
Phazyme $2/1 180mg anti-gas softgels 
Phazyme $3/1 250mg anti-gas softgels 
Pom $.50/1 juice
SensationNail $2/1 color gel polish 
SensationNail $5/1 starter kit 
Tena $1/1 product 
Terminix $1/1 ultimate protection insecticide
Tree Top $.75/1 apple sauce pouches 4pk carton 
Tree Top $1/1 46oz fruit full 100% fruit smoothies
vitafusion $1/1 gummy vitamins bottle

Red Plum Coupon Insert  - 5/04/14
ACT $.75/1 product 
ACT $1/1 braces care anticavity fluoride mouthwash 
ACT $2/2 products 
Adams $3/1 regular or plus flea & tick control product
Allegra $1.50/1 anti-itch 1oz cream
Allegra $3/1 children's product 
Allegra $3/1 d allergy and congestion product 
Allegra $5/1 30ct+ product 
Allegra/Nasocort $2 off 1 allegra 30ct and 1 nasacort product (
Bar-S $.75/1 hickory bacon & cheddar franks or beef franks 
Breyers/Klondike/Magnum/Popsicle/Fruttare/Good Humor $3/3 ice cream products
Caltrate $2/1 product 
Centrum $2/1 pronutrients supllement 
Centrum $2/1 regular, silver, flavor burst, kids or specialist multivitamins 
Clear $1.50/1 shampoo, conditioner or treatment -  TARGET COUPON
Cortizone 10 $1/1 item
Cortizone 10 $3/2 items 
Country Crock $.40/1 spread excluding honey or cinnamon flavored 
Crest $2/1 3D white whitening duo 
Crest $7/1 3D white 1 hour express 4ct, professional effects 20ct, professional effects + 1 hours express 22ct, advanced seal glamorous white or supreme flexfit 14ct whitestrips
Dove $1.50/1 hair care product
Dove $1/1 6pk+ beauty bar 
Dove $1/1 body wash 12oz+ 
Dove $4/2 advanced care anti-perspirant/deodorant with nutriummoisture  
Fiora $1/1 bath tissue or paper towels
Fiora $1/2 facial tissue 
Heinz $.25/1 tomato ketchup 20oz+
Heinz $.50/1 specialty or flavored tomato ketchup 13 or 14oz 
Hillshire Farms $1/1 American craft sausage 
Icy Hot $2/1 advanced product 
Icy Hot $5/1 smart relief pain therapy kit
Icy Hot/Aspercreme/Capzasin/Sportscreme/Arthrits Hot/Flexall $1/1 product 
Land O'Frost $.75/1 bistro favorites lunchmeat
L'Oreal $2/1 paris haircolor 
L'Oreal $3/1 mousse absolue haircolor 
Milk-Bone $1/1 brushing chews 
Millstone $1.50/1 10oz+ prepack coffee bag or k-cup packs 
Muller $1/4 yogurts 
Nasacort $5/1 24hr product
Oral-B $.50/1 pulsar, 3D white, pro-health, complete or 2 indicator or cavity defense toothbrushes 
PanOxyl $2/1 acne product
Pure Leaf $1/1 59oz chilled carafe 
Pure Protein $1/1 value pack, powder or 23 gram shakes 
Pure Protein B1G1 free single bar
Pure Silk $.50/1 8oz shave cream
Purex $1.50/1 no sort for colors liquid detergent
Purex $1/1 55oz crystals laundry enhancer - TARGET COUPON 
Purex $1/1 crystals dryer sheets 
Purex $1/1 crystals laundry enhancer 
Purex $3/2 128oz+ liquid detergent or 54ct+ ultrapacks
Purex $3/2 146oz+ liquid detergent or 61ct+ ultrapacks  - TARGET COUPON 
Purina ONE $1/1 3,5lb+ cat food bag
Purina ONE B2G1 free 3oz cat food can up to $.95
Rayovac $1/1 alkaline batteries
Rayovac $1/1 hearing aid battery pack 
Rolaids $3/2 tablets or liquids products 
Soft Scrub $.50/1 4-in-1 toilet care product 
Soft Scrub $1/1 20oz+ product 
Unisom $1/1 liquid 
Unisom $1/1 product
Wet n Wild $1/1 product 

What coupons are you hoping to get in the Sunday Paper?

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