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Sunday Coupon Preview - 9/14/14

Two coupon insert scheduled for this coming Sundays' newspaper  - (1) Smart Source and (1) Red Plum

Remember, coupon insert do vary by region of the country and by publication.

Smart Source Coupon Insert  - 9/14/14
Arm & Hammer $2/2 liquid, powder or single dose laundry detergent 
Aussie $1/1 styler or hairspray 
Benadryl $1/1 oral product 24ct+
Brookside $1/1 chocolate 7oz+ 
Brookside $1/1 chocolate 7oz+ 
Campbell's $.50/2 homestyle soups
Classico $.75/2 items 
Clear Care $3/1 solution 12oz+ 
Colgate $2/1 360 enamel health toothbrush or optic white toothbrush + whitening pen 
Colgate $2/1 enamel health or sensitive 4oz+ 
Colgate $2/1 mouthwash or mouth rinse 32oz+ 
Cooked Perfect $1/1 meatballs
Cottonelle $.50/2 toilet paper 4pks or 1 9pk+
Cottonelle $.75/1 upright dispenser 
Dreamfields $1/2 pasta packages
Eggland's Best $.50/1 eggs
Fiber One $.75/1 cereal 
GE $1/1 energy smart, reveal cfl, energy efficient reveal or energy efficient soft white 
GE $2/1 led lighting product $15+ 
GenTeal $2/1 formula 
Goodnites $2/1 tru-fit starter pack 
Herbal Essences Buy 1 shampoo, get 1 conditioner or styler product free
Huggies $.50/1 baby wipes 32ct+
Huggies $1.50/1 diapers)
Huggies $1.50/1 little snugglers, little movers diapers or overnites diapers
Irish Spring $.50/1 regular or gear bar soap 6pk+ 
Irish Spring $.50/1 regular or gear body wash
Johnsonville $1/2 Italian sausage
Kerasal Nail $3/1 10ml fungal renewal treatment tube
Kleenex $.50/1 hand towels 
Kleenex $.50/3 50ct= boxes or 1 bundle pack 
Kotex $.50/1 U product
Kotex $1/2 natural balance products, lightdays, and security pads and tampons 
Lancaster $1/1 soft cremes 8oz 
Naphcon-A $1.50/1 allergy drops 15ml+ 
Olive Garden $.40/1 dressing 16oz 
Palmolive $.50/1 liquid dish soap
Pantene $2/1 styler or treatment 
Pantene $3/2 products 
Philips Sonicare $10/1 rechargeable toothbrush 
Philips Sonicare $15/1 diamondclean, flexcare platinum, flexcare+ or airfloss
Philips Sonicare $3/1 powerup battery toothbrush or powerup brush head 3pk 
Philips Sonicare $4/1 brush head multipack  
Pillsbury $.50/1 ready to bake melts cookies 
Pillsbury $.50/2 toaster strudel or toaster scrambles pastries or pancakes
Play-Doh $1/1 $2.50+ purchase 
Play-Doh $5/1 launch game 
Pledge $.50/1 furniture care product
Pledge $1.50/1 floorcare product
Revlon $1/1 luxurious colorsilk buttercream 
Revlon $1/2 colorsilk, luminista or frost & glow
Rubbermiad $1/2 takealongs products
Scott $.75/6+ towels rolls 
Scott $1/8+ bath tissue rolls
Scott Naturals $.50/1 tub or refill flushable cleansing cloths 
Scrubbing Bubbles $.50/1 all purpose cleaner with fantastik 
Scrubbing Bubbles $.50/1 bathroom cleaning product 
Scrubbing Bubbles $1.50/1 toilet cleaning product 
Shout $.50/1 
Similac $2/1 32floz ready-to-feed
Similac $5/1 1.38lbs+ simplepac 
Softsoap $.35/1 liquid hand soap pump 7.5oz+ 
Softsoap $.50/1 liquid hand soap pump 8oz+ or refill 28oz+ 
Softsoap $.75/1 body wash 12oz+ 
Sudafed $1/1 regular, pe or children's product
Sudafed $2/1 regular, pe or children's product 
Sun-Maid $1/2 yogurt raisins or yogurt covered dried fruit packages 
Systane $3/1 lubricant eye drops formula 10ml+
Tree Top $1/1 46oz fruit full 100% fruit smoothie 
Ultimate Flora $3/1 product 
Viva $.50/1regular or vantage paper towels 
Welch's $.50/1 pb&j snacks 8ct 
Welch's $1/1 fruit snacks and 1 pb&j snacks 8, 10, 22, 40 or 6ct boxes 
Windex $.50/1 product 
Windex $.75/1 touch-up cleaner 
Zyrtec $4/1 product 12ct+ 
Zyrtec/Benadryl $6 off both zyrtec 12ct+ and benadryl 24ct+ 

Red Plum Coupon Insert  - 9/14/14
Alka-Seltzer Plus $1/1 product
Alka-Seltzer Plus $2/1 sinus product
Altoids $.50/1 tin 1.2-1.76oz 
Angel Soft $.45/1 bath tissue 
Angel Soft $1/1 with fresh lavender scent 12 rolls+ 
Bayer $1/1 aspirin 20ct+ (
C&H $1/1 sugar quick dissolve superfine or pourable brown in a flip-top canister 
Cheer/Era $.50/1 detergent 25oz+ 
Crest $1.50/1 sensi-relief, sensi-namel or sensi-repair and prevent paste )
Crest $3/1 sensi-stop 6, 10 or 12ct 
Disney/Marvel $1/1 gummy vitamin item 
Ester-C $2/1 product 
Febreze $1/2 products 
Florida Crystals $.75/1 natural cane, organic or demerara sugar product
Gain $1.50/2 detergents or fabric enhancers
Gillette $3/1 men's razor or disposable razor 
Herbal Essences $1/1 body wash 
Johnson's $.75/1 baby product
Johnson's $.75/1 no more tangles hair care product
Libby's $.50/1 100% pure pumpkin and 1 12 carnation evaporated milk 12oz+ can 
L'Oreal $1/1 advanced hairstyle product
L'Oreal $1/1 eye product
L'Oreal $1/1 eye shadow or liner 
L'Oreal $2/1 haircolor product 
L'Oreal $2/1 skincare product 
L'Oreal $3/1 visible lift and magic perfecting base excluding .17floz mini size 
L'Oreal $4/2 advanced haircare shampoo, conditioner or treatment products
Mahatma/Water Maid $.50/1 rice 
Mars $1.50/3 fun size bags 8.67oz+ 
Minute Rice $.50/1 product
Mr. Clean $.50/1 liquid muscle, liquid or spray 
Newman's Own $.50/1 pasta sauce
Newman's Own $.50/1 salsa 
Newman's Own $.75/1 salad dressing 
Newman's Own $1/1 complete skillet meal
Newman's Own $1/1 frozen pizza 
Newman's Own $1/1 wine 
Olay $1/1 body wash
Olay $2/1 bar 4ct+ 
Oral-B $3/1 nighttime dental guard 
Osteo Bi-Flex $3/1 30-60ct
Osteo Bi-Flex $5/1 70ct+ 
Pure Protein $1/2 single bars
Pure Protein $2/1 bar value pack 
Scope $1/1 250ml+ 
Seventh Generation $1/1 dish liquid
Seventh Generation $1/1 hand wash 
Silk $1/1 half gallon 
Sparkle $.50/1 3 roll or smaller package 
Sparkle $1/1 6 roll+ package 
Starburst $1/2 fruit flavored candy corn bags 12oz+ 
Starburst/Skittles/Life Savers $1/2 fun size bags 7.5oz
Tide/Gain/Downy/Bounce $1/1 tide pods, gain flings, downy unstopables, bounce bursts or gain fireworks 
Tide/Gain/Downy/Bounce $2.50/2 tide pods, gain flings, downy unstopables, bounce bursts or gain fireworks 
Venus $3/1 refillable razor or disposable razor 
Weight Watchers $.55/1 sweet baked good 

What coupons are you hoping to get in the Sunday Paper?

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