Saturday, October 22, 2011

What's for Dinner? Chicken Tortilla Soup

photo from On the Border Grill
No, not leftovers (although, this soup does make for great leftovers.)  The idea of eating dinner at home fell apart last night.  My husband had a whole van load of kids to pick up to go climbing, and they drove through McDonald's on the way to Beaumont.  I wasn't going to cook just for me, so I opened  a can of soup.  At least, the chicken is thawed for tonight.
What's for dinner at your house tonight?


  1. I think my husband is going to make his infamous burgers ... I can't wait!

  2. @Amy

    Sounds yummy! It should be great weahter to grill.

  3. Hubby is grilling burgers here, too!

  4. Early dinner tonight was cube steak with mushrooms and basmati rice with butter and parsley.

  5. roasted chicken thighs, spinach salad (with spinach from our winter garden!), and homemade applesauce :)

  6. Hi All - Thanks for participating in What's for Dinner? I'm really enjoying your replies and getting some dinner ides for myself.

  7. Beef and Rice Casserole. Gotta love those old church cookbook recipes. Nothing fancy or gourmet but yummy! Do you do weekly dinner plan anymore? I loved that!

  8. @Amanda Harris

    Hi Amanda - No, I don't formally menu plan weekly anymore. Although, it saved me a ton of money when I first started couponing.

    I now know what I have (or need) and only plan a day or so ahead. That way as the family schedule changes or the weather changes I can easily adjust.

    Although, I am starting to post What's for Dinner? on a almost daily basis. Stop back and participate daily. I love to hear about what others are fixing.

    I still use a few of those old church cookbooks too.