Saturday, March 15, 2014

Pepper Spray - $10 (44% Savings)

Walmart Value of the Day - March 15, 2014

Do you carry Pepper Spray?  I live in the city, and have always felt like I needed to buy some, but never think about it when I'm in stores.

Pepper Spray - $5.00
  • + $4.97 Shipping or Free shipping on orders over $50
  • List Price: $8.99
  • Save: $3.00  (44% savings)
  • Sales tax charged in most states

Price Comparison
Amazon - $11.94

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  1. Your links are messed up. The Walmart link goes to the Amazon pepper spray & the Amazon link goes to the Modern Family DVD on Amazon. :D

    1. Oops! I really messed up those links. Thanks for letting me know.

      I spent 14 hours in the car yesterday. I pick up my college age son for his Spring Break and then dropped him off in Columbia to spend the weekend with his high school friends . Maybe I'm tireder than I thought.