Sunday, May 18, 2014

Greetings From Venice

May 18, 2014

I had three connecting flights to get to Venice with fairly short layovers.  Something was up at JFK, so we were an hour late getting out of Saint Louis, and an hour late getting out of JFK.  To say the least, I missed my connection to Venice in Rome, but arrived only about two and one-half hours late.

We booked a room through  It's on the fourth floor (no elevator), but the room cost less than half of what a hotel room would have cost us.

It even has a view!

I never dreamed there was so much retail in Venice - Gucci, Versace, Prada... and all the other designers ending in a vowel.

No, I didn't purchase a purse.

I didn't find a Walgreen's, but I did find the local grocery store.  And, I had to check out some prices.

Nutella (400g) - €2.89 (euros)
= $4.05

Not a great deal - I'll wait for a sale.


  1. Lol, yes, the exchange rate is not great at all. We just got back from vacation in England where the pound is actually the for that was 1.8. It was really hard for a cheap skate like me to accept that ;) Great pics! I hope you have a fantastic time!

  2. AirBNB is great. I have used the site to travel to England, France, Rome, and Australia.

  3. We used vrbo for our stay in DC.

    Italians especially in Milan take great pride and self-respect in keeping themselves looking nice for others. That means they may starve themselves just to afford Prada sunglasses. It is very important to them.

    I hope your having fun! Thanks for running this site. It has helped me tremendously in savings.

    1. Hi Jenny - I agree the Italians are stylin'. Even the garbage collectors look sharp in their clothing.