Thursday, August 26, 2010

Walgreens Official Coupon Policy

Can you believe it. Walgreens has published a coupon policy!

Print the policy and take it with you when shopping at Walgreens.


Coupon Policy
As a customer-focused retailer, Walgreens encourages the use of coupons by our customers in our retail stores, in accordance with the following guidelines.

  • All valid coupons should be presented to the cashier at the time of checkout.
  • Walgreens does not accept expired coupons.
  • Coupons and their face value cannot be exchanged for cash or gift cards.
  • Competitor coupons are not accepted at Walgreens.
  • Walgreens cannot accept coupons for items not carried in our stores.
  • The number of manufacturer coupons, including Register Rewards manufacturer coupons, may not exceed the number of items in the transaction. The total value of the coupons may not exceed the value of the transaction. Sales tax must be paid, if required by state law.
  • Any coupon offer not covered in these guidelines will be accepted at the discretion of Walgreens management.
Sale Items
  • Walgreens will accept manufacturer coupons for an item that is on sale.
  • In the event that any item's selling price is less than the value of the coupon, Walgreens will only accept the coupon in exchange for the selling price of the item. Coupon redemption can never exceed the selling price of an item and no cash back is ever provided in exchange for any coupons.
Multiple Coupons
  • When purchasing a single item, Walgreens accepts one manufacturer coupon and applicable Walgreens coupon(s) for the purchase of a single item, unless prohibited by either coupon offer.
  • The coupon amount must be reduced if it exceeds the value of the item after other discounts or coupons are applied. (For example, a $5.00 coupon for a $4.99 item will result in a $4.99 coupon value).
  • When purchasing multiple items, Walgreens accepts multiple identical coupons for multiple qualifying items as long as there is sufficient stock to satisfy other customers, unless a limit is specified. Management reserves the right to limit the quantity of items purchased.

Buy One, Get One Free Coupons

  • When items are featured in a Buy One, Get One Free promotion, up to two coupons can be used against the items being purchased, as long as the net price does not go below zero for the items being purchased.
  • Sales tax must be paid for any Buy One, Get One Free coupon offers, if required by applicable state laws.

Internet/Print at Home Coupons

  • Walgreens accepts valid internet/print at home coupons.

Register Rewards coupons
Earning Register Rewards

  • Register Rewards will only print for in-stock merchandise during the promotional period.
  • Register Rewards can only be earned for eligible items. No substitutions.
  • There is a limit of one Register Rewards (RR) printed per offer per customer per transaction.
  • Customers redeeming a Register Rewards against the same offer may not receive another RR.

Redeeming Register Rewards

  • Customers redeeming a Register Rewards against the same offer may not receive another RR.
  • Refer to Register Rewards coupon for expiration date.
  • The RR coupon value cannot exceed the total purchase amount. No cash back and no cash value for RR coupon.
  • The number of manufacturer coupons, including RR manufacturer coupons, must not exceed the number of items in the transaction.
  • Register Rewards must be forfeited if the qualifying merchandise is returned.
  • Register Rewards cannot be used toward the purchase of gift cards and pre-paid cards.

Register Rewards can be redeemed for eligible items only. Ineligible items include but are not limited to:

  • Prescriptions
  • Tobacco products
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Dairy products
  • Lottery tickets
  • Money orders/transfers
  • Transportation passes
  • Special event/entertainment tickets or passes
  • Postage stamps
  • Gift cards/phone cards/prepaid/Green Dot cards
  • Prescription Savings Club" memberships
  • Health care services, including immunizations
  • Any items prohibited by law


  1. Internet/Print at Home Coupons
    * Walgreens accepts valid internet/print at home coupons.

    ---- I wonder if Wags Chippewa cor Kingshiway will abide by this COUPON POLICY since manager and cashiers there made it clear to me that they don't accept ANY IPQs anymore. :(

    ---- And am tired of contacting Wags about this. :(

    1. Apparently they only accept a limited amount of coupons as well. They will no longer input a manufacturer's coupon if it doesn't scan. Dealt with that last week and the Zyrtec deal. What a joke!

    2. I'm sorry to hear you had problems couponing at Walgreens. Do you live close to a CVS? I never hear of problems with them.

      Maybe Walgreens Corp. changed their policy - maybe it was the cashier/manager that made up their own.

    3. If you had more man cpns then the actual number of items you were buying then they won't let you use all of them.I have had that happen, you wouldn't think it could but every so often it does. That's why sometimes you need a filler. HTH:)

  2. I'm afraid the temperatures are about to drop (or perhaps the world has started freezing and I haven't noticed yet!) I'm so happy this is now 'official':)

  3. So does that mean they WILL accept a B1G1 coupon on a B1G1 sale item? The Wags by me will not let me use them if I'm only getting 2 of the products. :(

  4. Kelly in West CountyAugust 26, 2010 at 12:01 PM

    On the B1G1 - the net price is not going BELOW zero - so it sounds like it should work. I'm printing this one and putting it in my WAGS divider so I will be armed.

    (Is it wrong that this made my day? Especially after I had my first run in with a store manager.....this is coming just a few days too late.)

  5. It's nice that we finally have something in writing but I bet store managers will still say they have discretion to make their own policies.

  6. Hi everyone - I think Melissa was on to something. My computer froze up after posting this.

    I plan on carrying this policy with me. If I run into one of "those" managers I'm going to email corporate. I migth even email corp. right from the store with on my iphone.

  7. After reading through it again, I am optimistic. We finally have confirmation that they will reduce the coupon down to the selling price and that we can use 2 coupons on a B1G1. I'm visualizing all the couponers who will now be whipping out their copy anytime they have trouble at Wags! Good luck, everyone!

  8. Hi All--You guys are to funny. But I am truly sad that so many have had coupon problems w/Wags. The store I shop has always been coupon friendly and I can go there and know I will not have any problems that others have talked about. I hope this does clear up some of the issues for you guys. This week I went in to ask about ordering some Folgers, so I did not empty the store, the manager(knows me well =)) rounded up 28 cans for me to benefit from the -2.00/1 Any Coffee WT from Baileys and take advantage of the buy 2/$5 get $1 RR back. I bought in sets of 2 and got out of the way when another customer came up. This store/manager knows They benefit from me coming in and shopping and all the cashiers benefit because I do pass on Very good coupons to help them out also. I just hope all the Wags could be like mine and you guys did not have to go through any of these problems. ;)

  9. Hi CJ - I'm optimistic too. I think this printed policy will solve most of the problems Walgreens shoppers have had.

    I'm sure there will be a few managers that won't believe waht they read. It will be important that everyone calls corp. when they run into one of "those" managers.

  10. Hi Janet - I've found a very good Walgreen to shop at also. The manager and I have become friends.

    I think this policy will help him and the manager at your store. I know lots of people who won't shop at any Walgreens because of the inconsistencies in the past.

  11. Just used the policy for the first time and HAD A BLAST!!!!!!!!!!!! :D I tried to use a $5 coupon on a $4.99 clearance item a few weeks ago and was told they couldn't adjust the price of the item or coupon to make them match. When I heard the policy coming, I verified that the item was still on clearance (and it was).

    So as soon as I read the policy, I literally printed it and ran out the door!! The store manager tried to give me the same roadblocks as the last time so I sweetly pulled out the policy and showed him the examples (under Multiple Coupons and Sale Items) that specifically say that they will adjust the coupon down to the item price. Well the manager got meaner and said that it referred to store coupons only, but offered to check with his manager. In the end, the coupon policy won!!! I got two free items $9.98 value!

    As a parting shot, I sweetly said that the bright side was that they would be paid back the value of the coupons by P&G so they had gotten paid and gotten the items out of inventory. He roughly replied "That's not how it works!". And I said..."Oh? The coupon states that it does."

    What fun!!! Yay for printed coupon policies!

  12. Woot, woot, woot! A printed policy and it's generous (B1G1, use two Qs, etc.). Totally made my day.

    - Lisa R.

  13. Hi Krista - Thanks for sharing your story. There are a few stores I can't wait to shop at with my coupon policy in hand. We all need to work at shaping up those coupon unfriendly stores. It will help the coupon friendly stores in the long run.

  14. Hi Lisa R - I agree. It was a lot more fun typing up the sneak peek for next week knowing every shopper will be treated the same. (If they print and carry the policy.)

  15. A helpful phone number, should we still run into coupon roadblocks at Wags:
    Customer Relations: 1-800-925-4733, option 4

  16. My new favorite phrase: "The new Walgreens corporate coupon policy says you can reduce the coupon amount to match the price". Worked like a charm tonight on a cashier I've had problems with before. Or maybe he knew I'd had a bad day at work and didnt want to push me over the edge! Either way I got 2 free pouches of Purina One cat food. Going back tomorrow for more!

  17. Hi CJ - I've got a Walgreens in mind I'm taking that same coupon to. I hope they have the dog food still in stock. I'm going to ask for the manager when I walk in the store.

  18. OMG...I've been fighting with WAGS all over town for the free pet food and the B1G1 w/ a B1G1 coupon...I can't wait to go after work..wait till I whip out my policy!!

  19. Walgreens at 270 and Lindbergh in Hazelwood, MO. Assistant Manager told me today they would not be folling the policy. Did honor it today but I guess that was my warning for future visits. Funny in the past they have been very good with coupons. I have even sent in e mails saying how nice all the employees are at that store. Guess I will take that store off my list.

  20. Hi Gigi - Keep us posted on how it goes.

    Hi 270 & Lindbergh shopper - Don't write the store off your list, wirte coroporate. They need to know what their managers are saying.

  21. Can we use 2 RR's of diff. Manu. in the same transaction

  22. Hi Anonymous - Yes, you can use multiple RR to pay for a purchase.

    But, RR are considered manf. coupons. The number of manf coupons you use cannot exceed the number of products you purchased. If you are using regular manf. coupons on the products you are purchasing you will need to buy "filler" itmes to make the number count work.

  23. Hello all - I went to the Walgreen's at Holly Hills and Gravious today with 3 items and 3 coupons and I wanted to do each item on a separate transaction (becuase of RRs) and the manager wouldn't allow it. He said I had to buy everything in one transaction.

    Has anyone else ran into this?

  24. Hi LilMsKitty - I haven't heard that specifically about the Holly Hills store, but I've heard of managers/districts making up their own rules.

    You should email Walgreens Corporate and lodge a commplaint. The email will be forwarded back to the manager, but from what I've heard, managers are evaluated on how many complaints about their stores corporate receives.

    And you need to find a different store to shop.

  25. Thanks Jeri -- I'm typing up an email right now :)

  26. I just came from walgreens and found out that I couldn't use my register rewards on a three item purchase because the cashier counted two of the items as one. What the f*!. Is that true that two items (2 for $6) are supposed to be counted as one because if math class serves me correctly, if you buy one of those it will only be one!

  27. Did the cashier scan the RR? Sometimes $1/2 or that type of coupon will attach to two itmes and it can throw off your count.

    If the cashier didn't even attempt to scan the coupon and you didn't talk to the manager at the store, I would email Walgreens corporate. They will forward your email to the store manager to resolve the issue.

  28. Does anyone know if a coupon that prints at Walgreens but has "manufactures coupon" but only redeemable at Walgreens is considered a Walgreens coupon or a manufacturer coupon? I am so confused!!

    1. Hi Liz - A manufacturer coupon has instructions of where the retailer should send it to get reimbursed.

      If there are not instructions to send it away for reimbursement, then it would be a store coupon.

      I hope that helps. Walgreens for years have but the words manufacturer coupon on the coupons in the monthly coupon book that are clearly store coupons.