Sunday, April 3, 2011

Aldi $10 off $40 Coupon

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Aldi $10 off $40 Coupon

Be on the lookout for the Aldi Ad at your house this week.  Select area will  have a $10 off $40 coupon - valid through Saturday, April 9th at the following locations.

  • Bellefontaine Neighbors
  • Breckenridge Hills
  • Bridgeton
  • Ferguson
  • Florissant
  • Jennings
  • Kennett
  • Sikeston
  • St Loius - Aubert & Page
  • St Louis - 3721 S. Grand
  • St Louis - 3616 Natural Bridge
  • West Florrisant
  • Cahokia
  • Carbondale
  • Harrisburg
  • Marion
  •  Mt Veron
  • Sparta


  1. Not good at the Maplewood store :(

  2. Not good also at Holly Hills store. :(

  3. Hi CJ & coupon.girl - I have now idea of why the selected stores have the coupon. I know there is a new Aldi in IL, that might have something to do it. But, there isn't a new store in South City, so I have not idea why the South Grand stores included.

  4. Am I banned from CouponTraders? I couldn't access it and have been having trouble accessing it the past few days. huhuhu. :(

  5. Hi All,

    Ask your SNS they might honor this as mine have.

    Coupon.girl- All looks ok on your end at the Trader area. Not sure why you cannot accessing-email me if you have any further trouble.

    Have a great day to All.

  6. do you think the coupon is on the ad at the store? or does it have to be one you get in the mail?

  7. Interesting. Crestwood and Fenton isn't listed either.

  8. Hi All - I'm pretty sure the coupon is going to only be in the ad that comes in the mail. It's included on the ad that lists the produce picks. I've never seen that ad in the stores.

    Hi coupon.girl - Janet knows more about Coupon Traders than I do. If you have her email, shoot her and email to get ahold of you. Or if you don't have her email, I'll forward a message for you.

  9. I got the coupon today in the mail. The Aldi ad always comes in our "junk" mail on Monday or Tuesday. We live in St Louis city, in the Shaw neighborhood (not sure if that makes a difference for the ad delivery).

  10. Hi Courtney - How interesting. I could walk to the Shaw neighborhood from my house and I never get an Aldi ad in the mail.

  11. I printed out the page with the $10 coupon from the local ad for the Bridgeton store and asked at the store if they would take it and they did -- no problem.

  12. Hi John - Woo Hoo! Thanks for the info. I don't know why many people are reluctant to ask about offers. The worst a manager can say is no, but most managers are resonable.

  13. I thought people would like to know that. I asked one checker when I went in the store and he didn't even hesitate to say it's fine. I asked the 2nd checker before she started on my order and she said fine too, no "having to call corporate" type of fiasco that I seem to run into at Walgreens too often.

  14. Thanks John! Walgreens has tainted us to think there might be problems everywhere with coupons.