Monday, February 18, 2013

Schnucks Ad to Start on Wednesday as of March 6th

Schnucks announced today that as March 6th,  they are changing their ad cycle in the St Louis Metro are to a Wednesday start.

The ad will still be good for seven days and run Wednesday - Tuesday each week. See more info at HELLO Wednesday!

The news is causing quite the discussion on Schnucks Facebook page. Obviously, change in hard for many people, but I have to agree with Nikki's comment.
"Between the Wednesday Wows, Drive Time Specials, and all of the wonderful double and triple coupon promos, you guys can do whatever you want. I am a customer for life. I can't tell you how much money I have saved in the past few months. Change is good, and you deserve a huge thank you for all you do!!
You're thoughts about the change?

Thanks, Melissa!


  1. I am with you as long as the triple/SuperDouble continues I dont care what they do.

  2. I hope they commemorate the occasion by tripling coupons that LONG week as well or will they chop the sales week up? I wonder...

  3. keep the superdouble and triples and i will be happy :)

  4. it makes no difference to me when the ad runs..i just hope they continue with the .75 triple would by nice if they offered it like every other week for two days or something like that.

    1. Hi Sadina - The whole week of Super Triples was exhausting - not that I'm complaining.

      It is nice when they have coupon promotions that run for a whole week. I know some people have a hard time getting to the store certain days of the week, or they are waiting for payday to shop.

  5. I think they are doing it to make sure that Dierbergs never has the chance to lead the way with a coupon promo....go Schnucks!!!!! I love them.

  6. In the long run, does it really matter when the ad comes out???It still runs for the same number of days.I am loving the new cpn deals in our market.I have family on the east coast and they have been getting deals like this all the time.KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK SCHNUCKS!!!

  7. Nikki said it very well! Go Schnucks, GO!! And thank you so much for the awesome savings opportunities that you offer your customers.

  8. I would rather all of the stores run their sales week the same days. I tend to shop early in the sales week, so if SNS has something I think is a good price I'd likely buy it on Sun or Mon and with my luck it would then be a cheaper price at Schnucks starting Wed. So I guess I'm gonna have to start waiting til Wed or Thurs to shop so I know each stores prices for the week at the same time.