Saturday, May 24, 2014

Greetings from Lake Bled, Slovenia

European Vacation - May 24, 2014

We've spent the last few days in and around Lake Bled - exploring some small villages, enjoying the resort town, biking, and boating out to the church in the middle of the lake.  

I would have taken some pictures from the bike trip, but during the first part of the trip, I was dodging pedestrians that had no idea what I was saying when I called out, "On your left," and the second part of the trip I was praying not to get run over when bikes had to share the road with cars, motorcycles, tour buses and logging trucks.   I was glad to get back to the bike rental shop still alive.

We rented a efficiency apartment in the little village of Bohinjska Bela.  It is in, what I think was the original barn behind the house pictured.  Bohinskja Bela is just a few miles outside of Lake Bled and the rental prices are so much cheaper - this place was only $51 a night including the airbnb charges.

My husband went on a hike in the mountains this morning - he is still a Boy Scout at heart.  I relaxed and did a little blogging under the pergola.  


  1. Breath taking! Sounds like a nice trip. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Very cool... totally looks like some well deserved fun...

  3. I just hit the invisible "Like" button... : ))