Sunday, May 25, 2014

Reader Deal Finds - Week of 5/25/14

Image: Danilo Rizzuit/
May 25 - 31, 2014

Have you found a great deal that you want to pass on to other Coupon STL readers?   Leave a comment on this post. 

Find the  link to this post in the header under the Community tab and check back often to see what deals others are finding.

Happy Shopping!


  1. If you are a My Coke Rewards member, you can donate a soccer ball to a school just for entering one cap code.

  2. If you or your teens love Mountain Dew Baja Blast, here is a good deal at Schnucks. They have a Pepsi deal going on if you buy four 12 oz 12 packs you get them for $12 total. Then you can use the Schnupon for $1 off a 12 pack, have them enter the code four times, and you end up getting the 12 pack for only $2 each. Schnupon good thru 5/27.

  3. Thanks! I got some a couple weeks ago, was hoping they were still selling it. I dont do the Schnupons but 4/$12 is a good price for me.

  4. Target is having buy one frozen pizza get one free, limit 10 free pizzas per around, there are printable pizza coupons out there, I know there are also some pizza target coupons you can combine. I got quite a few to stock my freezer we were totally out as well as the fact that our garage freezer is getting bare in light of not as many super events.

    1. Combine the California Pizza coupon with the coupon on the California pizza website for a great deal (TQ is $1 off 2, IP MQ is $1.50 off 1---check to see if your target will let you use coupons on the free items, I always take the coupons up there and if they don't scan it's no skin off my nose but if they do it's a better deal!)

  5. There is a $1/3 Hunts Pudding Pack cpn on Schnucks has them on sale $8/10. Makes them .55 each after coupon. Stocking up on this on:)