Friday, August 8, 2014

$1/1 Clif Mojo Bar Printable Coupon = Free at Schnucks

Clif MoJo Coupon - July 2014

Head over to Cliff Bar's Facebook page to print this coupon.

:: Current Schnucks Price - 8/8/14

MoJo Bars - $1.00 to $1.29
$1/1 Clif MoJo Bar Coupon
= Free to $0.29 after Coupon

Pricing info comes from Schnucks' App. Please check to see the product and size requirement matches what is stated on the coupon.


  1. These were scanning for 1.29 at my Schnucks. Luckily the expiration date is so far away. I'm sure they will go on sale and be free soon. I kept my coupons.

    1. Hi Jen - Thanks for reporting what price you found.

      Janet clued us in that they are $1 at SNS, so hang on to the coupon. I'm sure you can pick them up free somewhere. I've heard also that Whole Foods sells them for $1.