Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Sunday Coupon Insert Preview - 9/21/14

Just one coupon insert scheduled for this coming Sundays' newspaper  - Smart Source 

Remember, coupon insert do vary by region of the country and by publication.

Smart Source Coupon Insert - 9/21/14
Alka-Seltzer $2/1 product 
Bertolli $.50/1 imported dessert 
Bertolli $.50/1 single-serve meal or torta 
bodycology $1/1 product 8oz+ 
Clairol $3/1 age defy
Claritin $2/1 4oz grape syrup, 10ct reditabs or 10-30ct grape chewables -  TARGET COUPON
Claritin $3/1 4oz children's grape syrup  - TARGET COUPON
Claritin $4/1 20ct+ children's grape chewables - TARGET COUPON
Clorox $1/1 clorox 2 product 
Colgate $2/1 powered toothbrush 
Fiber One $.50/1 streusel bars 
General Mills $1/2 big g cereals
Glade $1/2 fall collection products 
Glade $2/3 fall collection products 
Golden Grain $1/2 pasta products 
Golden Grain $1/2 pot-sized pasta
Happy Egg Co $.75/1 dozen free range eggs 
Hasbro $2/1 connect4, sorry, trouble, clue or guess who game 
Hasbro $3/1 monopoly, operation, scrabble, taboo or trivial pursuit game 
Hasbro $3/1 twister, jenga, battleship, game of life or catch phrase game 
Hasbro $5/1 let's imagine elmo or big hugs elmo 
Irish Spring $1/1 gear body wash 
Kozy Shack $.75/1 pudding 
Nature Valley $.50/1 breakfast biscuits 
One A Day $3/1 adult multivitamin
Pillsbury $.30/2 refrigerated grands biscuits 
Purina $10/$40+ pet care purchase -  TARGET COUPON
Purina B1G1 free waggin' train 3oz package up to $4.99 
Speed Stick $.50/1 lady 2.3oz+ antiperspirant/deodorant 
Speed Stick $.50/1 men's 2.7oz+ antiperspirant/deodorant 
Speed Stick $1.50/1 gear antiperspirant/deodorant or body spray
Theraflu $2/1 product
Theraflu $41 product
Tom's of Maine $1.25/1 deodorant or bar soap 
Tom's of Maine $1.25/1 toothpaste or mouthwash 
Tom's of Maine $1.50/1 naturally dry antiperspirant 
Tom's of Maine $1/1 kids toothpaste or rinse e
Triaminic $2/1 product 
Triaminic $4/1 product
Tropicana $1/1 farmstand 46oz bottle 
TruBiotics $2/1 probiotic supplement 
Vidal Sassoon $2/1 hairspray or styling aids 
Vidal Sassoon $2/1 shampoo or conditioner 
Vidal Sassoon $3/1 hair color 
Viviscal $1/1 gentle shampoo or moisturizing conditioner 
Viviscal $2.50/1 hair filler fibers
Viviscal $3/1 hair and scalp serum
Viviscal $5/1 extra strength tablets or man 
Wet n Wild $1/1 product 
Woolite $1/1 50oz+ product 
Yogurt $.50/8 yogurt cups 
Yoplait $.40/6 yogurt cups 
Yoplait $1/5 Greek or Greek 100 yogurt 
Ziploc $1/2 bags 

What coupons are you hoping to get in the Sunday Paper?

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