Saturday, December 26, 2009

Coupon Preview 12/27/09

Sunday's St Louis Post-Dispatch has one coupon inserts - P&G.

With only one coupon insert, this isn't a week I pick up lots of newspapers. But, if you have little ones in diapers, a few extra inserts will pay for themselves.

Some of my favorite coupons this week:
  • $2 on any Pampers Diaper or Pants - Walgreens has a Register Reward deal on Pampers this coming week. Great timing for this high value Pampers coupon.

  • B1G1 Tag Product - I'm way past the diaper stage at my house, but with two teenage boys, this coupon get me as excited as diaper coupon does for those with little one. It's a reminder, the expense of kids never decreases.

  • $2 off any Cover Girl & Olay Simple Ageless - A coupon for Mom too!

  • $1 on any size Tide - I like Tide, but I can get other brands of laundry detergent much cheaper. I use this coupon for the single load Tide at Target in the trial/travel aisle and pick up one load for free.

  • .25 off Dawn - Schnucks puts these on sale often for $1. Pick up Dawn for .50 at Schnucks with this coupon.

  • .25 off Bounty Towels - Dierbergs put single rolls of Bounty on sale for $1. Pick up a roll for .50 with this coupon

Remember: You want multiple coupons to use when a product is at a rock bottom price. When it's a good coupon insert week, I purchase 4 or 5 papers and sometimes acquire more. At first, I thought it was crazy to spend money to save money. But I've always saved much more than my $1 investment.

DEAL$ and Dollar Tree sell the Sunday Post-Dispatch for $1. The early edition is published on Saturday and it includes all the coupon inserts. And they usually still have Sunday papers left on Monday. Find the Deal$ or Dollar Tree closest to you.


  1. Local Kroger stores are having an after Christmas sale. B$25 in partipating P&G and save $5 instantly at the register. Remember P&G coupons are no longer being loaded on your Kroger card.

  2. Oops, the P&GeSAVER program that load coupons on your Kroger card doesn't end until 12/31/09.

  3. Thanks, kas!

    Wow! I cut and pasted the link to the Krogers ad. What a convient way to view and plan with the way they put the ad online.

    I wish the local grocery stores would monitor what other grocery chains were doing around the country and join the 21st century with them.

  4. I know saving money is important to all of us, but be informed that Proctor and Gamble still tests their products on animals. In this day and age there's just no good reason to put animals thru the pain and suffering of testing products that have been tested over and over again.
    There are plenty of other similar products for sale from companys that don't test on animals. Please consider alternatives to Proctor and Gamble. Your puppies and kitties will love you even more!

  5. Hi Wendy - Can you share a list of companies that don't test porducts on animals?

  6. The deal of the week that begins on Monday.

    B$40 in partipating P&G products at Schnucks and receive a $10 cat.

    Buy 20 bottles (19-24 oz.) Dawn Dish Soap @$2.00

    $2.00 * 2 = $40.00 - (.25 * 2 * 15) + (.25 * 5) =

    $40 - 8.75 = $32.25 - 10.00 = $22.25/20 or @$1.12

    If all MQ double, the price drop to a $1.00. Last time I did a deal like this, Schnucks had the Dawn with an extra 4 oz. of soap and the chain was still matching SnS on $10 off $50 at certain stores.

  7. Thanks kas for working up the deal - that's a lot of dish soap. If it was dishwasher detergent I would be really excited.

    Do you know of any Schnucks besides Twin Oaks that will match SNS's 10 off $50, or any other store that offer's that type of deal?

  8. Jeri, until I came around here, I wasn't even aware about Twin Oaks. Just assumed both Schnucks and Dierbergs quit the matching. Now from time to time, Schnucks will send out a mailer (post card) that takes $12 off $50 to a certain area. I know it was done twice up in Florissant and once in Webster Groves. Even that Save-a-Lot store in Affton had sent out $5 off $20 mailers and I manage to come by them before they expire.

    Now what happened to certain SnS stores doing $10 off $50 Thursday to battle Walmart?

  9. kas - We need to all thank Lisa (a.k.a. Tipster) for the Twin Oaks info. I heard from shoppers who always shopped at Twin Oaks and didn't even know they did this.

    My address is doesn't get any of the good coupons. Either in the mail or the newspapers. Oh, well.

    Not only SNS, but Dierbergs was also in a tizzy when Super Walmart opened. Dierbergs ran some additional specials in selected locations for a while too. I stopped at Super Walmart a few times and didn't see any prices better than I could get at the stores closer to home. I think SNS and Dierbergs figured this out also.