Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Walgreens - FREE Planters Trail Mix

Edit: Heads Up - Planters Trail Mix will be on sale next week for $1.50. Hang on to your coupons to make this deal a money-maker. (Thanks, Sarah!)

Become a Facebook Fan of Mr. Peanut and print a $1.50 coupon for any (1) Planters products.

I was able to print only one coupon per computer, but if you have access to several computers, here is a sweet deal at Walgreens. Edit : Readers tell me they are getting two prints per computer. (Thanks, CJ and Jenny!)

Buy (2) Planters Trail Mix @ $1.99 each (prices good through 3/27/10)
use (2) $1.50 Facebook Coupon
and use $1 off 2 Planters Trail Mix - coupon in March Walgreens Coupon Book
Final price: 2 bags of Planter Trail Mix for FREE!

Thanks, Makin' It In Michigan!


  1. Next week they're on sale 2/$3... might be worth it to wait and get $1 overage!

  2. Sarah - thanks for the sale info for next week. Also if you cant get the printable coupon, there have been $1.50/2 Planters coupons in the paper within the past few weeks.

  3. Jeri - I was able to print the Facebook coupon twice from my one computer.

  4. My husband also has a facebook page so I was able to print 4!

  5. Thanks Sarah for the heads up on the sale!

    I must of been having bad Karma with my computers yesterday with only one print from each. Thanks, CJ and Jennny!

  6. My 2nd $1.50 beeped yesterday but the cashier pushed it through. I doubt I would have been able to get overage with it next week.

  7. Hi CJ - Overage at Walgreens almost always depends on the cashier. What order did the cashier ring your coupons?

  8. Looks like she rang the $1/2 coup first although I had the $1.50s on top. But she rang the in ad Reeses coup first and the .55 Reeses coupon didnt beep so I dont know why it worked for one product and not the other. The register area at Wags is always so congested, I have trouble juggling my tote bag, basket, items and money all at once so the coupons dont always go in the order I want.

  9. Hi CJ - Thanks for the additional info.

    I've gotten to the point where I only give the cahsier a few of my coupon at a time. Not only does this assure they ring them in the order I want them to, but with only a few at a time I can keep track if all of them get scanned. I've stood at Customer Service many a time because of a coupon that didn't get scanned.

    A few nasty cashiers have asked me why I didn't hand them all over to begin with. When they ask I answer either, "I had to see if I bought everything I had coupons for or I wanted to make sure you scanned them all." Just depends how nasty the cashier is.

    I almost never ring out at the front cashier at Wags. I hunt down the Beauty Consultant if I have to.