Thursday, June 3, 2010

Heineken Beer Rebate

Three different rebates in this form.

Save $20 by mail with the purchase of $30 of Premium Meat and/or Seasonings. Or Save $10 my mail with the purchase of $20.

Save $5 by mail with the purchase of $15 worth of Fresh Produce

Save $5 by mail with the purchase of (1) 4-pack of any Energy Drink
  • No beer purchase required in Missouri, AL, AR, CT, HI, IN, KY, ME, NC, NJ, NY, OK, UT or WV.
  • Offer good 5/1/10 - 9/30/10
  • UPC code label for each qualifying product and original cash register receipt(s) required

For those not familiar with beer rebates, you periodically will find a rebate offer with a beer display. In Missouri, no beer purchase is ever required. The qualifying products are things you probably buy anyway. I've seen them for meat, cheese, salty snack, produce, soda and many other everyday items.

When I find a rebate form, I look back through my saved receipt, find the qualifying products within the purchase dates, look for UPC's in this case, fill out and mail the form, and wait for my FREE money.

I have found this rebate form at a Shop 'n Save, Schnucks and Deirbergs, but you might find them at any retailer that sells beer. If you don't find the rebate form this week, keep looking. It's common that the forms appear very close to the end of the offer period.


  1. I just got a postcard from Heinekin from the last rebate and they rejected it b/c the seafood I bought wasn't the right price range. I don't know what the problem was but I missed out on $5. I guess I should make copies of stuff huh?

  2. Marcella - I got a rejection card last week from Heineken for the $5 on 3 bags of tortilla chips rebate because I supposedly didnt buy the right products. I called and they checked, and said they just missed that I was a MO resident so no beer purchase was needed. So they will send the check. I dont do many beer rebates because something always seems to go wrong and I have to fight to get the check. I think they make up reasons to reject people, figuring most of them wont bother to call. I am going to do the $5/$10 Blue Moon fresh fish rebate though, I figure that one is pretty straight forward.

  3. Hi Marcella and CJ - Thanks for sharing your expeirences. Marcella I'd give the rebate center a call. I learned early on with rebates to copy everything before I send it in. I've never had a beer rebate denied, but before I copied everything I did on another kind of rebate denied, and of course I couldn't even remember what it was for. Keep us posted Marcella if you call them.

  4. Do you know if Heineken really requires UPC codes for produce?

  5. Hi Stephanie - The rebated for for the $5's on produce does say UPC code label for each qualifying product.

    You don't always have UPC's on produce. Call the rebate processor with your questions on how to handle this. There is contact info on the rebates. Maker sure you document who you talked to and the date.

    Most of the time, if your receipt has enough info that the they can tell you bought produce it is ok.

  6. Hi, I obtained my rebate in a trade and just noticed I need to fill in "retailer name" where I obtained this rebate. Can anyone help me out and share the name of the retailer where you obtained your form? Thank you
    Karen Foster

  7. Hi Karen - I've seen the Heineken rebate at Schnucks, Shop 'n Save and Deirbergs.

  8. what is the phone no to call heineken about a rebate or what is their website?

  9. Hi Anonymous - CMS Rebate centers handles the Heineken rebates there contant info:

    877.322.8355, Monday – Friday, 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM