Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Schnucks Deals - 6/1/10 - 6/6/10

A huge 10 for $10 sale this week at Schnucks. Remember, each items rings up for $1 - you don't need to buy 10 to get the sale price.

Some of the best deals at Schnucks never get advertised. If you find a great deal, please email me leave a comment.

1. Schnucks doubles coupons .40 and less in the St. Louis area.
2. Limit of 15 coupons doubled.
3. Ask for a rain check if they are out of a sale item.
4. On a B1G1 sales you have to buy two to get the deal.
5. Items on a 10/$10 sale ring up $1 each. You don't have to buy 10.

I only highlight the best deals. Take a look at Schnucks full ad here.

:: Coupon Match-Ups ::

Trans Ocean Crab Classics, 8 oz. - $1
$1 printable Crab Classic coupon
Final price: FREE

Ivory Bath Soap, 3 bar - $1
$1 coupon in Rouge Magazine Spring Issue
Final price: FREE

KC Masterpiece Barbeque Sauce - $1.33
$1 - 5/9/10 SS
Final price: .33 each

Prairie Farms Yogurt cups - .50
B2G1 - 4/25/10 RP
or B2G1 coupon in St Louis Family Attraction card
Final price: .33 each when you buy 3

Old Orchard Apple Juice, 64 oz. - $1
.50 printable Old Orchard coupon
Final price: .50 each

Pompeian Red Wine Vinegar - $1
.50 printable Pompeian Vinegar coupon
Final price: .50 each

Bar S Bologna - $1
$1 off 2 - 5/16/10 RP
Final price: .50 each when you buy 2

Oscar Mayer Turkey Franks - $1
$1 off 2 printable Oscar Mayer Hot Dog coupon
or $1 off 2 - 5/16/10 SS
Final price: .50 each when you buy 2

Oscar Mayer Turkey Cotto Salami or Turkey Bologna - $1
$1 off 2 printable Oscar Mayer Lunchmeat coupon
or $1 off 2 - 5/16/10 SS
Final price: .50 each

SoyJoy Nutrition Bars, 1 ct. - $1
B1G1 - 5/23/10 SS
Final price: .50 each when you buy 2

SoBe Lifewater - $1
B1G1 printable SoBe coupon
Final price: .50 each

Knorr Rice or Pasta Side Dishes
- $1
$1 off 3 - 5/23/10 RP
Final price: .67 each when you buy 3

Idahoan Flavored Potatoes - $1
.75 off 3 printable Idahoan Potato coupon
Final price: .75 each when you buy 3

Michelina's Entrees - $1
$1 off 5 - 5/9/10 SS
Final price: .80 each when you buy 5

Betty Crocker Fruit Snakcs - $1.50
$1 off 2 coupon for Mini Rolls in Shrek-Tacular Savings coupon book ** Is included in sale (Thanks, Sadina!)
.50 off 2 printable Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks coupon HERE and HERE
Final price: $1 to $1.25 each when you buy 2

Post Cereals, selected varieties - $1.77
$1 off 2 - 5/16/10 SS
Final price: $1.27 each

Nestle Drumsticks, 4 ct - $2.50
$1 - 5/2/10 SS
Final price: $1.50 each

Hillshire Farms Smoked Sausage - $2.50
$1 off 2 - 5/16/10 RP
Final price: $2 each when you buy 2

:: Other Good Deals ::

Peeled Baby Style Carrots, 16 oz. - $1
Whole Mushrooms, 8 oz. - $1
Iceberg Lettuce - $1
Fresh Express Cole Slaw - $1
Celery Stacks - $1

Chicken Leg Quarters, sold in 10 lb. bags - .79 lb.
Ocean Eclipse Seafood, 4 oz. - $1
Bone-In Assorted Loin Pork chops - $1.99 lb.

Mama Rosa's Pizza - $1


  1. There is a coupon for $1.00 off trail mix right next to the display making them free!! (I saw this last night at the schnucks at grand and gravois)

  2. Thanks Liz- heading out to try and find that tonight. I love feeding my kids trail mix, even though they only pick out the chocolate bits I pretend their eating the dry fruit and nuts. We're all happy. Trish in Wentzville

  3. The mini fruit roll ups are included in the sale so if you have the 1.00/2 from the shrek coupon booklet you can use it. I also found three different mail in rebate forms from AB one was for chicken, one was for steak, and the other was for chicken, steak, port, meat. The last one also had coupons for charcoal, johnsonville brats and a couple other coupons. Also the quaker delights that are on sale for a 1.00 there was a tear pad a while back that had 1.00/2.

  4. I forgot to add that i also found the chicken leg quarters on sale for 1.50 for a 10 lb bag so 15 cents a pound( an awesome price). It was on sale for 49 cents two weeks ago i believe. They have a sell by date of 6/2, but i'll just freeze now and i should be good.

  5. check your produce aisle... there is a blue moon $5 rebate wyb $10 of fresh seafood. Not sure if much of the seafood mentioned is fresh or frozen, but I'll keep my eyes peeled. Must purchase between 5/1/10 and 6/30/10; expires 6/30/10.

    Also, if Wheat Thins Artisan Cheese Baked Snacks are still on sale 2/$4, there is a tearpad in the cracker aisle for a $1/1 Wheat Thins Artisan Cheese Baked Snacks. Makes it $1/box.

    With the way we go through fancypants cheese crackers, I'm stocking up. We just had family in town for a week, and they demolished our cracker/trail mix/nut stash!

  6. PS the wisconsin colby wheat thins get two thumbs up from my discerning cheese cracker taster!

  7. Thanks everyone for the updates.

  8. This is why I love this site! Everyone is so generous to share their great finds. Thanks to Sadina I found chicken quarters for 15 cents per pound that I would have never even thought to look for! I grabbed 5 bags, and folks around me told me I was crazy and what on earth was I going to do with 50 pounds of chicken....um...freezer:)

  9. My schnucks had the $1 off 2 trail mix coupons on the displays yesterday. Today when I went to shop they were all gone. When I went to the register the cashier counted up my trail mix and pulled a tear sheet out of his drawer and gave me the coupons. I thought that was odd but it seems they are rationing the tear sheet coupons?? Just a heads up incase your schnucks doesn't have any coupons left they are likely in the cashier drawers.

    Like Liz I thought the coupons were for $1 off 1 but .50 trail mix isn't bad!

  10. At the Schnucks I shop at they did that last time with the Planters Trail Mix & had a sign that the cashiers had the coupons.

  11. I went Schnucks shopping after a few weeks of not doing much shopping except for bare bones basics... really frustrated that as I was shopping around 8am on Tuesday they were changing over all the prices/restocking. Made shopping an a pain, and I think I got jipped on a few prices that were marked on sale when I got them, but not when I rang out.

    Do they always restock at that time? I want to avoid that again if possible.

  12. Just re-read my comment and realized that I sounded like a negative nelly!

    Wanted to share that I did find two beer rebate forms in the beer aisle... one from Heineken and one from Coors (I think)... So keep your eye out for those!

    Have a great day!

  13. Hi Liz - You didn't sound Nellyish to me.

    Schnucks usually changes shelf tags to reflect the week's sale on Monday morning, but becasue of the Holiday, this week it was Tuesday.

    Ringing up incorrectly at Schnucks is actually a good thing. If an item rings up differently than the price marked on the shelf or in their ad - you get the item FREE. If you are buying multiples of the same item and this happens any additional items over the first one, they will give you the marked shelf price.

    Check your receipt - if you were charged incorrectly for anything in this weeks ad, I would head back for my money.

    I found a bunch of beer rebates also at Schnucks. I'll be posting about them in the next few days.

  14. Jeri, I wish I would have known that last week. A cashier made me really mad over Lipton tea last week. Their ad showed "selected varieties" on sale, and the picture showed the one on sale as "family size". The shelf was not marked that ANY lipton teas were on sale, so it was difficult to impossible to figure out which "selected varieties" were the ones they picked. Well, got the only family size one on the shelf (was decaf). I asked a shelf stocker and he seemed to agree that the family sized decaf was the one. Got to the register, and didn't ring up on sale. I stopped the checker lady, who was not in a great mood, and she looked at the ad and said "it says selected varieties, this isn't one of the selected varieties". I told her nothing on the shelf was labeled as on sale and that was the only box that remotely resembled the ad (the only family size one). She told me too bad. Grr. Then I had to run all the way to the other side of the store to buy more Ragu because I wasn't going to buy the Lipton that wasn't on sale, and it was part of the weekly unilever catalina deal. I was not happy, but it was really late at night and my big fat pregnant self was getting too tired to fight it out with the cashier. Next time I will remember your tip when something is not ringing up correctly :)

  15. Hi couponmama - If this situation happens to you again. Let the cashier ring it up and go to Customer Servcie after you've check out. I think they have to deal with it there anyway.

    I also heard a great tip last night. If you know something is marked incorrectly, take a picture with your phone. It saves time, since the employee won't have to go through the store to check it out.