Wednesday, October 20, 2010

More Shop 'n Save Deals

There is so much new information in the comments of this week's Shop 'n Save Deals  I fee like I need to issue an addendum. 

If you don't read the comments on my posts, you're missing the best part of my blog.  Between all off Coupon STL readers there are a lot of feet on the ground to scope out additional deals.

 :: General Mills Cereal Catalina Deal ::

Buy 4 participating GM cereals between and get a Catalina coupon for 1 gallon of milk, (up to $3.75).  Participating cereals, Honey Nut Cheerios, Lucky Charms, MultiGrain Cheerios and Total.
(Thanks, couponmama!)

Total Cereal - $2.50
$1 off Total coupon in Better at Home Coupon Book
$1 off Total Cereal printable coupon
Final price: $1.50 each
Thursday price: $1 each

Honey Nut Cheerios  - $2.50
$1 off 2 Cheerios coupon in Better at Home Coupon Book
$1 off 2 - 9/19/10 SS
Final price: $2 each wyb 2
Thursday price: $1.50 each wyb 2

Lucky Charms - $2.50
$1 off 2 - 9/19/10 SS
Final price: $2 each wyb 2
Thursday price: $1.50 each wyb 2

:: McCormick Spice Catalina Deal ::

Buy (3) get $3 OYNO

Some McCormick spices still on sale this week for $1.50 including Perfect Pinch.
(Thanks, Janet!)

:: Idahoan Potatoes Catalina Deal ::

Buy (4) get $1 OYNO (Thanks, CJ!)

Idahoan Potatoes - $1.08
$1 off Idahoan Potatoes printable coupon (Facebook)

Deal Idea
Buy: (4) Idahoan Potatoes $1.08 each = $4.32
Use (4) $1 coupon -$4.00
Thursday 20% discount when you spend right at $50  -$0.86
Get $1 Catalina OYNO
Final cost: $1.46 Money-Make after coupon and Catalina

Note: This coupon is over 50% of the sale price.  Your store might or might not accept this coupon; it all depends on how picky they are about internet printable coupons.

:: Still on Sale This Week ::

Farmland Fully Cooked Bacon - $2
$1 - 10/3/10 SS
Final price: $1 each
Thursday price: .60
Find this product in the produce dept.

Marzetti Caramel Dip - $2.50
$1 - 9/19/10 SS
Final price: $1.50 each
Thursday price: $1 each
+ $2 off Apples Coupon wyb (2) Marzetti Caramel Dip (tearpad coupon)
(Thanks, couponmama!)

:: Other Items on Sale or with High Value Coupon Match-Ups ::

*NEW* S & W Beans - .50
B2G1 S & W Beans printable coupon
Final price: .33 each wyb 3
Thursday price: .23 each wyb 3
(Thanks, Staci!)

*NEW* Maruchan Yakisoba - .78
.50 - 8/29/10 SS and 10/10 SS
Final price: .38 each
Thursday price: .12 each
(Thanks, couponmama!)

*NEW* Athenos Feta - $2.48
B1G1 Athenos Feta printable coupon (Facebook)
and use (1) $1 - 10/10/10 SS
Final price: .74 each after both coupons
Thursday price: .24 each after both coupons
(Thanks, couponmama!)

Reynolds Slow Cooker Liners - $2.23
$1 off Reynolds Slow Cooker Liners printable coupon
Final price: $1.23 each
Thursday price: .78 each

International Delight Coffee Creamers (pint) - $1.67
.55 off International Delight printable coupon
Final price: $1.12 each
Thursday price:.79 each

Simply Lemonade (59 oz) -  $2.34
$1 off Simply Lemonade printable coupon
Final price: $1.34
Thursday price: .87 each

*NEW* Wholly Guacamole - $2.48
$1 off Wholly Guacamole printable coupon
$1 - 10/10/10 SS
Final price: $1.48 each
Thursday price: .98 each
(Thanks, couponmama!)

Grande Tortilla Chips - $2.50
$1 - 9/26/10 SS
Final price: $1.50 each
Thursday price: $1 each

:: Prices of Products you might have a coupon for a FREE item ::

Cottonelle Wipes - $2.77  (Thanks, Amanda & Staci)
Wheat Thin Sticks - $2.98
Advil 24 Tablets - $4.27

:: Other Info ::

Farmland Frozen Breakfast Links - have been hard to find.  They might be in the frozen food aisle with meats in some stores. (Thanks, JB!)

Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks - were ringing up at $2 each on Monday.  Shop 'n Save might have changed the computer or they might have posted a correction to the ad.  (Thanks, Becky!)

Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks - If you have  bought Totino's pizzas in the last few weeks, check the back of the packaging for $1 off 2 Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks (Thanks, Becky!)

Crest - There are some varieties on sale that aren't excluded on the coupon. (Thanks, Psycho Sarah!)

Thank you readers for passing on all this great info.  My apologies if I've missed thanking anyone.


  1. Another couple good deals:
    S&W Beans buy 2 get 1 FREE

    I believe they are regularly priced at .78 at SNS. Go on thursday 3 *.78= 2.34 - 20% = 1.87
    -.78 = 1.09 /3 = .36 each (good price for me....we make lots of tortilla soups and bean soups in the cold months)

    Also, an off brand of Lunchables is on sale for $1 this week (all varieties Pizza, bologna, turkey, ham, etc). So .80 on Thursday. My kiddo loves these and I think this is a good stock up price.

  2. I saw a shelf tag price under the Kahiki bags for 2/$10 late last night. I sure hope it is an updated tag and I was not dreaming that I saw it for I was really sleepy and tired. If anyone is going to do a "scope", please do check. Thanks a lot. :)

  3. Hi All-

    Spotted peelies on the Snyders pretzels for Free Soda up to $1.25 any size or pack wyb 2 Snyders or Grande chip mix or match exp 10/31/10. The Snyders pretzels were 2@$5. I'm thinking about using some SS Wts and making white choco covered pretzels for DH-his fav. =) I know Jeri might have posted about a Grande chip coupon somewhere also, I think it was a -1/1. HTH =)

    couponmama--loved the plan you had posted =)

  4. Thanks for the Idahoan coupons! I needed them to make my scenario work!

  5. Does the quaker coupon still work for anyone?? I can't seem to get it to work anymore :(:(

  6. I believe the S&W Beans are on sale for $0.50 until 10/23. I bought 18 cans last week. We use dry beans for most things, but I love having these on hand for when I need a small amount or for when I didn't plan ahead!

  7. Hi All

    coupon.girl - I saw Kahiki Nuggets for 2/$10 also and Kahiki Egg Rolls for $2. There are coupons on for B3G1 and $1 off 2

    couponmama - Looks like the Quaker coupon is gone.

    Staci - Thanks!

  8. Yep, S&W beans are still .50.

    Someone asked the price of Gain dish soap, and it seems my store doesn't carry it.

    The farmland breakfast sausages were out in the free-standing frozen sections by frozen breakfast items-across from the prepackaged deli meats. Hope this helps!

    Hoping the fruit snacks ring up correctly, they were all labeled $1.50 in the aisles.

  9. I had 50 cent and $1 coupons off crest in my Sept P&G insert. They were on the same page. One had exclusions, one did not. They both just said 4.0 or larger. They expire 10/31/10 I buy the Post in Illinois, I don't know if that made a difference or not. This gives me four 50 cent coupons,four 75 cent coupons and four $1 coupons. Looks like I will have enough Crest for a little bit! (unless Janet has them too and wipes out the supply before hand). ;)
    Happy shopping! Tonya


  10. Hi Melissa - Thanks for the additional location of the Farmland link. I'm hoping someone will report in early on the BC Fruit Snacks how they are ringing up today.

    Hi Tonya - Don't stock up on too much Crest with the .50 coupon. Some kind of toothpaste is free about every other week at either Walgreens or CVS.

  11. Good Morning to All-

    I agree with Jeri on the toothpaste Tonya--Next week the Colgate Sensitive is a MM at Wags =) I put in a special order =) No need to worry about me hitting the Crest =) Off to get ready-my plans are paper clipped together waiting for me.

    Hoping all of you have a Great day and there is plenty on the shelves for everyone =)

  12. Janet -
    Where do you put special orders in at Walgreens? I had a hard time trying to get them to order regular priced things a couple months ago when I needed large quantities. Would LOVE to know which ones are that customer friendly.
    I know 50 cents isn't THAT great for toothpaste, but toke almost time to fill shoeboxes for Samaritan's purse and it isrught size for the Midwest Distribution Center. 50 cents is better than guilt shopping prices of $1 at one of the dollar stores


  13. I just did the cereal deal and received the $3.75 off for milk. The milk at SNS is $3.44. The cashier did not price adjust the coupon, so it was a money-maker.

  14. Does milk count towards your $50 requirement? It says "fresh milk" - wasn't exactly sure what that means.... TIA!

  15. Andrea, I don't think it counts. There's some weird law protecting dairy farmers. I think, for example, powdered milk or like, rice milk, would be okay toward your $50 requirement though.

  16. wholly guac has a new 1.50/1 high value coupon.

    Anyone know if we can freeze this stuff??
    FYI, as I posted above it is 2.48 at SNS. Thursday price = 1.98, so .48 after coupon (assuming your store lets you use high value IPs)

  17. Found the Farmland and the Crest! Two trips for $23! I didn't use any $5/$50, but used a gift card I purchased last week. No more cats, but I've found I'm better off buying things I need on 10/50 days rather than head off to Schnucks to finish off my list. I'm always shocked at how little I get elsewhere! Thanks for the help everyone! Kelly

  18. Also, Tonya, sometimes I'll let the Walgreens manager know how many cases of Diet Coke Plus I want to buy and they order enough cases in for me. I suppose you could do the same with other products. Getting to know the employees is helpful. Kelly

  19. thanks for the diet coke tip at walgreens! I am always on the lookout for Caffeine Free Diet anything when it is on sale, but never find enough. I know some employees outside of Walgreens, and they always tell me the managers cannot order anything for people. I guess it just depends on what store and what managers are willing to do the 'extra work'.

  20. Thanks so much! I had a great trip - spent $11 and received $3 and milk cats. FYI - Twin Oaks had buy Krispy Crackers (on sale for $1.99) and receive $1 off of soup, etc tearpad coupon (near the end of any aisle).

  21. I couldn't find the Farmland.
    Make sure you get the right oz of Crest. Some were in the $1.00 and weren't. I paid $3.47 for 2 (before coupons), but even with that mistake my total was only $6.61 and I got a $1 catalina! Not too bad. I am learning to like Shop N Save!!

  22. Went to the Twin Oaks SNS. No Farmland bacon or sausage. Asked someone in the meat department and he said the bacon was a trial product last week, they don't usually carry it. The sausage might be the same. That could be why it is so hard to find.

  23. With $1 off 2 tearpad coupons (found at Philips 66 gas stations and Dollar General stores), the Butterfinger bars found at the checkout are moneymakers!!!

  24. I think I saw a few CouponSTL devotees at SNS this afternoon. Someone beat me to the meat stocker asking about Farmland and then there was a dash for the last Feta. I got the bigger blocks of feta. Its almost never a *good* price so I'll take it anyway.

    Note to self: Never go to SNS on coupon thursday right after taking excedrin and drinking an iced coffee and bring a 3 yr old and a 1 yr old. I left in a full body sweat, shakey and a cart full of smashed boxes of cereal and fruit snacks...and a few gray hairs. It didn't help that my cashier was clearly new and overwhelmed by the process. I was patient but there's only so much I can take when my baby is trying to climb out of the cart and my 3 yr old is *helping* me bag groceries.

    IF anyone finds stray coupons on the ground at the SCounty store that's compliments of my daughter who openned my coupon organizer and started throwing them on the floor. Never a dull moment.

    Oh and my total OOP was $6.73 and I got back $6.75 in catalinas. I'll take it.

  25. Marcella did your kids have cookies? Could be the wrong person, but this sounds like you. I had a guy hanging basically over my should while I was paying clearly not happy about my many coupons & then having to wait for the "key for coupons" lol But hey I walked out feeling good w/ my 74% savings :)

  26. No I should have bought some coookies to bribe them with though. :)

  27. Couponmama - I have frozen Wholly Guacamole (when I bought the Costco 3-packs) and they are fine.
    Thanks to all of you for your generous comments. I am new to couponing (since Sept.) and felt so elated at "spending" $50 at SNS today yet having to take only $5 out of my purse to get out the door. Wow!!! So appreciative of what I am learning from all of you.

  28. :(:( pretty much everything i wanted was sold out by the time i got off work. i love sharing deals with everyone but a tiny tiny part of me wants to be super greedy and keep all the good deals to myself, LOL, so that I can at least find a few things at the store. I'm jealous of you sahms or wahms who can get to the store early.

    janet - great idea on the fruit snacks for halloween treats--- a lot cheaper than overpriced halloween candy!!

  29. Good Morning to All--Sounds like everyone had good shopping days =) I was able to do 3 trans. before work and 2 after work total with the Round Up $9.00 and have $9 in cats left.

    And the Best part of yesterday? I met a fellow CouponStl poster. Come out Come out wherever you are--I had to laugh at myself when I left the store--I thought you guys might have sent someone to follow me around hehehehhehehehehehe I just wish I was not in a hurry and could have talked to her more =(

    couponmama-I wish you could have gotten what you needed, I know it stinks sometimes to have everything all worked out on paper then one thing can put a halt to that plan. I had to do some change ups on my plan yesterday with the Bumble Bee tuna I was gonna get. No tuna so I sub'd free 20 oz Cokes to make up for it. BB Tuna Qs expire in December so plenty of time to use them still. AND couponmama remember next month might be pretty good with the holidays coming. =) The Trick or Treaters loooovvveedd the B/C Fruit Snacks last year =)

    Found a rebate in IL for $10 Salty Snack stuff and other items wyb 12 pk Bud gotta fill those out using last weeks receipts =)

    This week DH had to work up north (nights) and took lots of stockpile stuff for lunches etc from lasts weeks SNS trip, remember $13.15 for my trips last week well DH sold some of the items he took and brought me $11 home =) Tells me not to spend it all in one place hehehehehehehehe.

    Ok I better get to movin'

  30. couponmama - Sorry you had trouble finding items - I'm sure you know this, but items are also stored above the shelf racks. I found S&W beans up there, despite the shelves being emptied out.

    The Wholly Guacamole coupon did NOT scan last night at SNS. ("wholly guac has a new 1.50/1 high value coupon.") That, plus the shelves being empty, meant my second, late-night trip took FOREVER to figure out what to get to make it to $50. I ended up stocking up on (yet more) chicken since thighs were 0.98/lb. (before the Thurs. discount).

    Any suggested tips for what to do for fillers? The store was either out of, or didn't stock, the few items I had coupons for free items.
    I know someone posted that they buy charcoal, which is a good one, but we have a gas grill. Any suggested strategies welcome...


  31. Debra TYVM about the info about the wholly guac coupon not scanning. I haven't had a situation yet where my SNS has rejected one of my coupons, but I've seen it happen to other people so I am cautious :)

    For fillers, I was planning on getting some firestarters (we use a fireplace in the winter). I priced a small box of these at 3 for $5. I can't ever really find a good deal on them, so I'll take 20 or 30% off!!

    If you are just a few pennies short or are REALLY close to 50, but worry that some item will ring up wrong and it will foil everything, you can add a package or two of the small ramen noodles (.17 regular price at my store). I also saw a really really tiny fresh express crouton packet in the produce isle that has a 55c coupon on its pkg for the big crouton bags.

    If you have a larger amt of money to spend, I would suggest checking out different online forums and see if you can trade for some beer MIRs. Some have a $5 or $6 rebate for salty snacks, meat, etc. When there's one out that sounds good to me, I will buy the requirements of the MIR to meet my total on Thursdays and then mail it in. My oop at SNS might be a little higher than usual, but I will get a lot of it back in a rebate :)

  32. I feel your pain couponmama and other late night Coupon Thursday shoppers. I was at SnS at 9:10 last night and the first 5 items on my list were out. I was about to call it quits but I did not and just tried to work around on the other good buy items everyone mentioned here. Took me an hour instead of just the 30 mins. I was planning to be there. It was still a good trip, though.

    Oh, the Feta cheese I found was $3.98. I bought (2) anyway. It ended up like 69 cents each after Qs. They were the crumbled up ones in a container. I looked and looked for any $2.48 ones but couldn't find any. And is there a block Feta cheese? Didn't see one. :I

    And to Janet, thanks a lot for the wine tags. Wish I can use them here in MO but I think I can't so my hubby and I will just look for a friend who lives in Illinois so they won't go to waste. Thanks again. Maybe next time, you have something that I can use. hehehe ;)

  33. Coupon.girl, there were two different prices on the feta. Some were 3.98+ but the plain feta crumbles were 2.48. I saw some blocks too. They were in two different places in my store--one near the deli counter with the specialty cheeses, and one in the refrigerated case by the regular sliced and shredded cheese.

  34. Ughs, I did not look in the regular sliced and shredded cheese area. We prefer block cheese to use on our crackers with sliced Johnsonville beef sausage. Oh well, told my hubby last night that we'll just eat the crackers then scoop the crumbled cheese with a spoon straight to our mouth. Hubby said: NO need for a spoon. Men!hehehe:)

  35. Hi All

    Overall it sounds like most everyone had great trips to SNS. It would be frustrating to have to be a late nigth shopper and have to rework your plan on the fly.

    When ever I need to readjust my plan, I go for things our family loves that are never on sale. 30% off ($10 and $5 off $50) is better than nothing.