Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Corona Beer Rebate - $10 on Beef, Seafood or Poultry

Be on the lookout for this beer rebate. I found the mail-in  form on a large Corona display.

Save $10 via Mail-In Rebate when you purchase beef, seafood, or poultry products.

  • No beer purchase required
  • Purchase must occur by 5/15/11
  • Purchase price must exceed $10.00
  • Offer good only to residents of Al, HI, KY, MO, NC and UT
For those not familiar with beer rebates, you periodically will find a rebate offer with a beer display. In Missouri, no beer purchase is ever required. The qualifying products are things you probably buy anyway. I've seen them for meat, cheese, salty snack, produce, soda and many other everyday items.

I save every receipt. When I find a beer rebate, I take a look to see if I've already purchased the qualifying products - many times I have.  All I have to do is submit the information, mail it in, and wait for my money.


  1. SO excited that I finally found a beer rebate at SNS last week (not this one, but a Budweiser one)... Hopefully. I'll be lucky this time too! :)

  2. I found this MIR also. The one I found had a $1.50/2 Mission products coupon at the top. With the chips/salsa/salty snacks MIRs, it is a good coupon to have.

  3. Jeri, at which store did you see this?

  4. I know Jeri doesn't divulge where she finds them, to prevent people who take them all and sell them on eBay from finding out. However, I have looked at every Dierberg's, Schnuck's, Shop 'n Save, and gas station from where I live in the city to where I work in west county, and I have NEVER found one. If anyone has an extra and would mail it to me (in exchange for whatever coupons), I'd appreciate it. nshelledy@hotmail.com

  5. Hi KC - The rebate I found had the $1.50/2 Mission coupon too.

    Hi Nicole - I sent you an email.

  6. I'm the anon; I was just lazy. I didn't even think about the ebayers. Is that even legal? Anyway, I appreciate the information. It is not at either of my schnucksies - ucity or richmond.

  7. Hi Shannon - The beer rebates usully say something like purchase, sale etc. make the form invalid. But, it does happen. You should ask a manager at the stores you shop why then never seem to have the rebates available.

  8. When asks for the UPC is that the UPC for the beer and you leave it blank?

  9. Hi Sarah - Check your form to make sure it mentions MO. I just heard from a reader that the form she found wasn't valid for MO.

  10. Yes, the first I had did not have MO, so I was bummed. Then I happened to find more at a different store that did have MO. Yey! But still wasn't sure what you are supposed to put where they have the UPC ___________.

  11. Hi Sarah - I took another look at the rebate and was hoping there would be a phone number to call, but I don't see one.

    The UPC on your meat is the number below the bar code. On a rebate in the past. I know someone called to inquire. And for that rebate they wanted a UPC or a receipt that clearly spelled out what type of meat was being purchased. Don't know if it's the same for this rebate.

  12. Got a ?

    So the purchase could have taken place like up to a month or more before 5/15/11?

    Don't want to waste the time to do an envelope up and send it out in the mail if I won't get a Check back in return you know? lol

  13. I just left a message at the Corona website asking them what the official Start date of the MIR was and here's the link so you can also ask :)


  14. Hi FreeSpiritChick - I looked at the form again and I don't see any purchse dates on it. Most beer rebated do have the required dates stated on them. If you find out more info, please let us know.

  15. Hey Jen I finally got an answer about the start date on the Buy $10+ and get $10 back MIR that ended on May 15th.

    I called the customer service number for MIRs (1-866-599-3908)

    And was told by a representative that the Start date was April 1st so check your receipts any receipt between April 1st and May 15th qualifies for the rebate :-)

    So glad I don't throw out any grocery receipts lol

    Thanks again from Jamie aka FreeSpiritChick on Weusecoupons.com