Sunday, November 18, 2012

Coors Beer Rebate - Save $5 on Gift Cards

Beer rebates are one of my favorite ways to save money on groceries.  They are usually for products I  purchase anyway.  Find them in the grocery store with the beer displays.

Save $5 after Mail-In Rebate off the purchase of $50 or more in Gift Cards
  • Purchase must occur between 11/1/12 - 1/03/13
  • No Beer Purchase Required 
  • Maximum (1) $5 rebate per address/household
  • Valid for residents of Missouri only 


  1. Does it matter which GCs you purchase?

    And, I have to tell you - I've been couponing for a few years now but am new to your site (thanks to a friend!) and did my first CVS trip today with your $5 scenario...hooray! Thanks for taking so much of the work out of CVS-ing! I've added your feed to my iGoogle and am excited to be following. :)

    1. Sorry, I forgot to answer your question. Any gift card purchase will qualify for the rebate.

  2. Hi Susan - Welcome to Coupon STL. You're going to love shopping at CVS.

  3. I love this gift card rebate every year. If I dont need any other store or restaurant gift cards I get ones from SNS or Schnucks. An easy $5 savings and I know I'll use the card.

    Jeri - I introduced a co-worker to Coupon STL yesterday, told her yours is the best coupon blog ever :)

  4. Hey Jeri,

    Can you give me the address that this rebate needs to be mailed to? I already sealed the rebate in the envelope and put a stamp on it, but forgot to write the address on the front :-(

    1. Hi Zach - Here is the address:

      Rebate Fulfillment Center
      PO Box 9006
      Offer Number 107725
      Brideport, NJ 08014