Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Schnucks Wednesday WOWS! Coupon - 6/25/14

Schnucks Wows! Coupons

Coupons available to print through 8:00 am Thursday,  June 26th
Coupons expire Sunday 6/29/14

$1 off Schnucks Ground Chuck (1 lb. or more )
-- Ground Chuck is $5.99 lb.

$1 off  Cole Slaw (1 lb. or more, Deli Dept)
-- Creamy Cole Slaw is $3.79 lb.

$1 off  Organic Girl Salads (10 oz.,  Produce Dept)

$0.50 off Twin French Bread (15 oz.,  in bakery)
-- In this week's ad for $1.99 - makes them $1.49 after coupon

Limit one coupon per customer per visit.


  1. You know, I really wish Schnucks would do their triples again. What the heck. This is the only time I really have fun couponing, they have not done it in a long time, and they won't say when the next triple coupon week will be. Boo.

    1. I think we all loved triple coupons, but it sure doesn't look like we will be getting them again - at least not on a regular basis.

    2. I heard from multiple sources that Schnucks lost too much money on fraudulent coupons, because of that they will not be doing triples anymore. While I don't believe that using fraudulent cpns is ok, I do believe that if they offered triples on a regular basis that less people would feel the need to use fraudulent cpns. I'd be fine with them saying that they would only take newspaper cpns for triples. Something is better then nothing.

    3. The sheer amount of abuse I saw was staggering, so it would not surprise me if Schnucks lost a ton of money on the triple coupon deals, but gods how I miss the triple coupon events. Still keeping my fingers crossed that Tirples or Super Doubles will come back, even if sporadically.

    4. Yes, a few "bad apples" can spoil it for everyone.

      It's too bad that not many cashiers are couponers. I think we all know what legitimate coupons are available and probably could spot the someone trying to use fraudulent coupons.