Saturday, May 29, 2010

Walgreens Deals - Week of 5/30/10

Sale prices good May 30 - June 5, 2010

A great week for Walgreens. Seven free or better items and cheap chocolate!

I highlight only the best deals. Take a look at Walgreens' full ad HERE.

New to Walgreens shopping and looking to maximise your saving? Check out my Walgreens $5 Scenario.

:: 2-Day Sale, Sunday and Monday Only ::

Chex Mix - .99
.50 printable Chex Mix Coupon IE Link or Firefox Link
Final price: .49 each

12-pack Coca-Cola Products - 3/$12
Receive a $5 Register Reward when you buy 3
Final cost: $2.33 each when you buy 3 after Register Reward

:: Free This Week ::

Ecotrin - $2
Receive a $2 Register Reward (GlaxoSmithKline)
$2 printable Ecotrin coupon
or $2 - 5/16/10 RP
Final cost: $2 Money-Maker after coupon and Register Reward

Cortaid Maximum Strength Anti-Itch Cream - $3
Receive a $3 Mail in Rebate at Checkout
$1 - 4/25/10 SS
Final cost: $1 Money-Maker after coupon and Register Reward

U by Kotex Feminine Care, pads, liners or tampons - $3.49
Receive a $2.50 Register Reward (Kimberly-Clark)
$1 printable U by Kotex coupon
or $1 - 4/18/10 SS (Hurry! expires 5/10)
Final cost: FREE after coupon and Register Reward

Luster White 7 Toothpaste - $5
Receive a $5 Register Reward (Dentovations)
Final cost: FREE after Register Reward

Rejuvicare Ultimate Skin, Hair or Nail Supplement - $9.99
Receive a $10 Register Reward (Windmill Health)
Final cost: FREE after Register Reward

Walgreens A thru Z Select Multivitamins, 60 ct. - $2
Receive a $2 Register Reward (Walgreens)
Final cost: FREE after Register Reward

Reach Crystal Clean Toothbrush - .99
$1 printable Reach Toothbrush coupon
Final price: FREE
The register will not automatically accept this coupon since it is over the price of the product. The coupon needs to be reduced.

:: Cheap This Week ::

Tic Tacs - $1.49 (buy2)
B1G1 - 5/2/10 RP
and use Walgreens Extra Coupon found online HERE (will deduct $1)
Final price: .25 each when you buy 2
Give the cashier the B1G1 coupon first to maximize your savings.
(Thanks, Christy at
Wild for Wags!)

Hershey's Pieces Candy - $2.50 (buy 4)
Buy $10 or more and receive $5 Register Reward (Hershey's)
$1 - 4/18/10 SS (use 4)
Final cost: .25 each after coupons and Register Reward

Lindsay Olives - .99 with in-ad coupon
$1 off 2 printable Lindsay Olive coupon
or $1 off 2 - 4/18/10 RP
Final price: .49 each when you buy 2

B1G1 Quaker Quick-1 Minute Oats - $3.19
$1 printable Quaker Oats coupon (use 2 if you can)
Final price: .60 each after coupons

Coupon no longer available. - Thanks, Lynda!

Campbell's Chunky Soup - $1.25 with in-ad coupon
$1 off 2 printable Campbell's Chunky Soup coupon
Final price: .75 each when you buy 2

Oxi Clean Stain Remover, Max Force or Power Paks - $2.99
$2 off Max Force Power Paks - 4/25/10 SS
or $3 off 2 - 5/23/10 SS
Final price: .99 to $1.49 each

V8 Fusion - $2.50 with in-ad coupon
$1 printable V8 V-Fusion HERE and HERE
Final price: $1.50 each

Arm & Hammer 2-in-1 Dryer Cloths, 40 load - $2.99
$1 printable Arm & Hammer 2-in-1 Dryer Cloths coupon
Final price: $1.99 each

:: Filler Ideas ::

Royal Gelatin - .20 each with in-ad coupon
Walgreens Aluminum Foil, 20 sq. ft. - .59 with in-ad coupon


  1. If anyone gets the Cortaid rebate form on Sunday, please post what it says about the 2 per household limit. Does each have to be purchased and mailed separately? Or can they be on the same receipt and same envelope? I'm hoping they can be on the same receipt so I can use a $4/2 coupon. Thanks in advance!

  2. There are no more prints available for the oatmeal.

  3. Thanks Lynda for the update. Hate it when coupons disappear so quickly, but everyone across the country is gettting reading to head to Walgreens tomorrow.

  4. CJ where did you get the $4/2 coupon. TIA. :)

  5. Hi--coupon.girl, I think the -4/2 Cortaid came from the Build your First Aid Kit booklet. HTH

    Thanks a bunch Jeri for the great ideas =)

  6. I just love it when you buy talk amongst yourselves.

  7. Can we use the 5 or 2 dollar off coupon for the Luster White toothpaste? I cut them out already and I hope they are going to work.

  8. Hi Lynda - I'm pretty sure those coupons are for different products than the one offering RR this week. I'm unfamiliar with Luster products, so I stopped in at Walgreens today to scout. I couldn't find any Luster White 7 Toothpaste. I hope it's not like last week and Ironman.

  9. Jeri, You can go here to see if your local store has it in stock.

  10. HI jeri, for ecotrin coupon do we need to register first or what ????? I don't see any coupon on th I missing something???

  11. Was at the Walgreens at Telegraph and Yaeger tonight and they had Kingsford Charcoal on sale for $3.99. The Budweiser rebate booklet that I picked up at Schnucks last week had a $2 Kingsford coupon in it, making for $1.99 charcoal! They had regular and Kingsford Matchlight, each in the 7# bags! Hope this helps someone!

  12. Hi spice - Click on the picture where it says" up to $30 in saving" it will link to the coupon page.

  13. Hi Kelly - Thanks for the info. Budweiser rebate booklet? I'll have to look for that one.

  14. CJ, the Cortaid rebate states "limit one rebate per household or address except in RI, limit two per household or address".

  15. Hi Jeri, Just came back from Walgreens....kotex deal printed free always pad catalina also(upto 3.50) in addition to rr of $2.50, did it twice......though didn't get toothbrushes I was looking for but overall good,actually great day....


  16. Ellen - Thanks for the Cortaid info!

  17. Not the best deal, plus Wags can be a bite on finding enough stock in the store.

    (3) B1G1 Quaker Quick-1 Minute Oats - $3.19

    Use the B5 Quaker items and save $3 MQ that was in a Dierbergs Extra Ad.

    $3.19 * 3 = $9.57 - 3.00 = $6.57/6 or @$1.10

  18. They also have Combos on sale for .99 today and tomorrow and there's a coupon in the June All You magazine for $1 off 2. Making them .50.
    My husband loves these he'll be excited.

  19. Thanks kas and laurielou - for the addtional coupon match-ups.

  20. Don't know where else to ask the question so I will ask it here. I got the 100 P&G book and it doesn't have some of the same coupons that other sites say it does. Does anyone have any idea if there were two different ones they sent out?

  21. Unadvertised monthly RR deal at Wags - buy 3 Neutragena bar soaps for $2.99 each, get a $10RR back for a profit of $1.

  22. Saturday June 5th at 6071 Telegraph Store 63129 (Telegraph & Erb)
    Cosmetics will have $2 manufacture coupons for Pantene.

    Currently it is on RR 2/$8
    -$2 coupon from cosmetics
    -$2 coupon from cosmetics

    PLUS FREE Pantene SAMPLES for each Pantene purchased (1.7 oz shampoo & conditioniers-PERFECT size for travel or the gym!)
    Coupons & Samples are limited so HURRY IN as early as 8am!

  23. Hi Lynda - I haven't sent in for my P&G coupons yet. I have to dig out those receipt before I miss it. I hope someone else has the answer for you.

  24. Hi CJ and Lisa - Thanks for passing on the info.

  25. Nivea for Men body wash is B1G1 this week. Regular price is $5.99 or $4.99. Use 2 $3 coupons from 5/2 RP and you get 2 body washes FREE.

  26. ****CORRECTION TO LISA COMMENT***June 2, 2010 7:15 AM
    I am SO SO sorry to retract that $2 off each Pantene. It is a coupon for $2 off TWO in very small print with both english and spanish! Still, in the end it will be like paying 2/$4 PLUS the travel size samples are nice to have!

  27. Hi em - I was out of town for a few days this weekend and am still trying to catch up. Thanks for finding the Nivea for Men deal.

    Hi Lisa - I understand. I have my fair share of Opps!

  28. Good deal on Garnier Hair Color!

    Walgreens coupon makes it $4.99, plus used a $2 coupon out of the paper (I think SS, not sure).

    PLUS...if you buy $20 of Garnier, you get $5 RR....I wasn't sure if that was before the Walgreens coupon (reg. price was 7.99) so I bought 4 and got the $5 reward! Made it $1.75 each!! If the $20 is before the wag coupon then you could buy 3....making it $1.32 each!!!

  29. Hi Swammy - The purchase requriement for RR is before any coupons - Walgreens or manufactureres.

    You got a great deal. Where did you find the Walgreens coupon for Garnier Hair Color? Is it really obvious and I can't find it?

  30. Swammy just emailed me. The Garnier Nutrisse Hair Color coupon is in this weeks ad. I was looking in last week's ad. No wonder I couldn't find it.

  31. Nice discussion about coupon concept. But I am interested to know, where shall I get garnier hair color coupons? For that how much I have to spend?

  32. Hi Dilly - There is a $2 coupon for Garnier Herbashine in the 8/13/10 RP insert.