Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Schnucks Cooks Magazine and Coupon

The new edition of Schnucks Cooks magazine is now available in the stores.  It's FREE with a $50 purchase,  or $0.99 otherwise.

Along with some yummy looking recipes the magazine includes a few Schnucks coupons.  Coupons good through 1/30/11

$2 off Schnucks Oil, 48 oz. bottle - vegetable, corn, canola or canola blend
$1 off Schnucks Sugar, 4 lb. bag
$1 off Schnucks Cherry Pie Filling, 21 oz. can - regular or lite
$1 off Schnucks Chocolate Chips, 12 oz. bag - semi-sweet or milk chocolate

Pick up Schnucks oil for FREE with the coupon from Schnucks Cooks through  Monday, November 14th!

Schnucks Oil (48 oz.) - $2.00
$2 coupon from Schnucks Cooks
Final price: FREE
(Thanks, JB!)


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