Saturday, December 1, 2012

My Coke Rewards 12 Days of Holiday Rewards - 12/1/12

My Coke Rewards - 12/1/12

From now until December 12, My Coke Rewards is offering special rewards from McDonalds, Domino's, Walmart and more.  Enter a code to gain access.

My Coke Rewards 12 Days of Holiday Rewards
  • $25 Walmart Gift Card - 600 points
  • limited quantities available

Upcoming Rewards

December 2nd – $5 McDonald’s gift card only 90 points (limit 1)
December 3rd – $10 Dominos Pizza gift card only 180 points (limit 1)
December 4th – $25 Nike eGift Card only 500 points (limit 1)
December 5th – $25 TJ Maxx gift card only 600 points (limit 1)
December 6th – $25 Best Buy gift card only 600 points (limit 1)
December 7th – 2 AMC movie tickets and 2 Drinks only 470 points (limit 1)
December 8th – $25 Home Depot gift card only 600 points (limit 1)
December 9th – $50 Southwest Airlines gift card only 1,200 points (limit 1)
December 10th – $50 Bass Pro Shops gift card only 1,200 points (limit 1)
December 11th – $20 Shutterfly eGift Cad only 200 points (limit 1)
December 12th – FREE 12-pack Coke coupon only 30 points (limit 4)

If you drink Coke products, and haven't signed up for My Coke Rewards - you should.  It' free to sign up. Enter codes from caps or packages to earn point.  You can spend those points for FREE Coke product coupons or other special offers.

Thanks, Hip 2 Save!


  1. Can't get the site to respond..augh...anyone else with the same problem?

    1. Ditto, I am guessing they are gone.

    2. Hi - I didn't try this one today - saving my points for later in the week.

      I can't tell what's going on with them from the comments on My Coke Rewards Facebook page. Some people got them and some didn't. But, you do have to enter a code to unlock the promotion for the day.

      I guess the best thing to do, is plan ahead in the week and try to get through.

  2. I'm going to try for the McDonalds gift card tonight.

  3. I'm waiting few minutes for mcdonalds gift card

  4. I got one last night after trying to get the site to work for 30 minutes. Finally found the gift card under the My Special Offers link on the top red banner after signing in. I dont have enough points for any of the other offers.

    1. Thanks CJ - They sure hide how to find this today. I spend time reading on MCR Facebook page to figure it out.

  5. Jeri - It was a challenge! Facebook wasnt loading right for me last night but I was finally able to see a post about looking under My Special Offers and sure enough it worked. The My Coke Rewards site is always hard for me to navigate even just to add codes.